The Petersen Automotive Museum

On my recent trip to Los Angeles, California I made sure to add a trip to the Petersen Automotive Museum to my itinerary.  The Petersen Automotive Museum features three levels, each detailing the history, industry and artistry of cars!

via The Peterson Car Museum

via The Petersen Car Museum

The evolution of automobiles ties directly into art and design, which piqued my interest.  From the groundbreaking motor-car to the rise of private automobile ownership, there was so much to explore on the History floor!  Seeing the transition from 1930’s mobility to the glamour of 1960’s cars was a designer’s dream.  The color palette of classic cars was one of my favorite aspects!

1931 Ford Model A Station Wagon

Leather interior of the 1931 Ford Model A Station Wagon

via Petersen Car Museum

via Petersen Automotive Museum

After exploring the History level, we made our way to the Industry level.  The Industry level detailed how inventors, mechanics and drivers come together to push the boundaries of automotive design for everyday life.  This fusion of collective ideas to create beautiful, quality cars was mesmerizing.   There was so much that inspired me during my visit!  Everything I do or see is potential inspiration for my design work.

via The Peterson Car Museum

via The Petersen Automotive Museum

via The Peterson Car Museum


Lastly, we delved into the Artistry section, which may have been my favorite!  Form and aesthetic are key when designing a car; I love that different components can alter the general feeling a car can provide.  


Back to the Future’s DeLorean via The Petersen Automotive Museum

Speed Racer Car

The “Speed Racer” Car via The Petersen Automotive Museum

I definitely recommend taking a tour through the museum if you are in the Los Angeles area; for a quick peek to see what exhibits are currently on display, click here.

3 thoughts on “The Petersen Automotive Museum

  1. Charles

    Humans should know their history and this museum gives us the glance of that. How the car industry revolutionized. How cars became so advanced when in old times we didn`t have cars which could drive faster than a bicycle tonight. I am happy to visit this museum and I am sure
    you all will too.

  2. Charles

    The automotive museum focuses on three aspects of automobile history which are artistry, historical development and industry. On the historical development aspect, the meuseum offers a vivid transition from mere mobility of the 1930 car to galmourous design and flashy colors of the 1960 automobiles. On the industry and artistry level one is able to visualize the transition in quality and engineering complexity over the years stretching the horizon of automobile design.


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