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Emerald is Having its Moment!

Emerald green is one of my favorite colors. It has a high saturation of color, however the darkness offers more levels for inspiration. It is a very thoughtful color and brings out my best designs. Here is a look at some designs that use emerald without turning a home into the Emerald City.


To help make emerald stand out, try to avoid using it around other colors. Black, white and silver match really well with the color and helps the color embrace a bold look.


Dining Room

Learn how to mix old with new in your home decor – antiques and modern elements in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. To understand more about the color Emerald, if the hue is too yellowish or too bluish, it is not emerald. A different variety of beryl, and its value drops accordingly. The intensity of the green in the finest emeralds might not be equaled by anything else in nature


Staged in Black, White, Green and Grey, I love all of these colors together. Take one out and it would not be the same. Each a good prop for another room as well. If you want to make a retreat in your home, where you can relax and refresh yourself, decorate that room or corner with green color. But try doing it with more raw shades of green, similar to the ones you see out in the nature.


Emerald lacquer walls. Architect: Roberto Liorni Photo: Livia Mucchi. Elle Decor Italia Jan/Feb 2012

Emerald is a color very close to green. Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory. Emerald is often used to sooth the soul and mind. It helps loosen the body, from a mental and physical point of view. It is an excellent remedy for states of anxiety and nervousness, helping a person to regain his emotional balance and inner calm.


Emerald fountain in the courtyard of the “Grande Mosquée” in Paris.

A take away from this design detail is to remember not to overly use emerald. If it is a favored color, use it delicately to embrace the mood it establishes. It is already such a bold color on its own. Emerald is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in the natural environment. So it is the color of spring, when everything comes to life. And it depicts the period when everything is alive and unrolling its natural processes.


5 Perfect Sconces

Set the tone of your room with the perfect sconce!  Here are 5 perfect sconces which will brighten up your wall space while perfectly accenting your furniture and environment!  Which mood best fits your design?


Vaughan Designs Sconce C Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Vaughan Design

What is more whimsical than this rosy Twig Down Light from Vaughan Designs?  This works perfectly in a bedroom or library for an extra element of pretty.


1st Dibs Sconce Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Who says the crystal should stay on the table?  Add an air of classic sophistication to your dining room decor with an elegant pair of gilt and rock crystal two-arm sconces from 1st Dibs!


Pierre Guariche Sconce C Weinstein

Image Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Set this modern light fixture above your favorite reading chair in your study!  Pierre Guariche’s Articulating Wall Sconce from 1st Dibs will give just the right amount of aesthetic, and features a full 180 degree movement.


Holly Hunt Light Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt’s Crystal Block Sconce is minimal, functional, and versatile!  The possibilities of such a compact and design-neutral light fixture make this a perfect addition to your hallways.

Art Deco

Art Deco 1st Dibs Cami Weinstein

Photo Courtesy of 1stDibs

Define your design with antique art deco sconces like these glamorous Art Deco Skyscraper Style Frosted Glass Sconces by Sabino.  Each sconce features a fluted centerpiece set in polished nickel frames; simply beautiful.


Dreamy Night Tables

Dreamy night tables are essential to a bedroom!  Both handy and necessary, night tables are a great tool for keeping your personal items organized, out of sight, and within arms reach.  My list of top six night tables range from classic and contemporary to whimsical chinoiserie!  Find inspiration for your bedside here!

 1.  Mary McDonald, Chaddock Collection Petite Camille Small Chest

Mary Mcdonald Chest CWeinstein

I love this elegant Mary McDonald nightstand with plenty of drawer space and brass accents.  Ideal for flanking your well-dressed mattress, the Chaddock Collection Petite Camille Small Chest is both stately and practical.

2.  Nancy CorzineSpencer Chinoiserie Night Table

Nancy Corzine Cami Weinstein

This night table from Nancy Corzine features a black pearl finish with gold hand-painted Chinoiserie finish and two doors.  This piece is beautiful, elegant, and very traditional.  The classic Chinoiserie style dates back to the late 1700’s when European artists began incorporating Chinese influences into their whimsical designs.

3.  Mecox, Juliet Three Tier Painted Bedside Table

Mecox Juliet Cami Weinstein

The Juliet Three Tier Painted Bedside Table from Mecox provides plenty of storage with a great Chippendale fretwork design!  The  lattice back and sides make for an eye-catching design and possible focal point, depending on your design.  This piece is customizable, which makes incorporating stylish storage into your room’s design simple.

4.  Mecox, Large Tanen Inlaid Bone and Resin Nightstand

Mecox Bone Cami Weinstein

Great in a girl’s room, beach house, or guest room, this Large Tanen Inlaid Bone and Resin Nightstand from Mecox is definitely a flexible piece.  This nightstand features one top drawer and two pulls, making it both simple and classic.

5.  Bungalow 5, Josephine 1-Drawer Side Table

Bungalow 5 Josephine CWeinstein

Bungalow 5’s Josephine 1-Drawer Side Table is completely hand-finished; from the beveling, the cutting of the pieces, and the fine-grinding of the glass, Bungalow 5’s mirrored pieces are created with the finest craftsmanship.  Add a little sparkle to your bedroom with this great mirrored nightstand!

6.  Bungalow 5, Frances 2-Drawer Side Table

Bungalow 5 Frances Cami Weinstein

This lacquered and grasscloth texture makes for a perfect beach house night table; the middle space is ideal for your favorite bedside-reads!  Bungalow 5’s Frances 2-Drawer Side Table is a crisp, elegant,and versatile.

Michael Dawkins Showroom NYC

The Michael Dawkins Showroom in NYC has been the talk of the design community.  Recently, I was invited to a private breakfast hosted and sponsored by Luxe Magazine, celebrating the opening of the Michael Dawkins Showroom in New York City!  New York City is one of two locations (the other being Miami, Florida), where the Michael Dawkins Showroom has been featured.

 Michael Dawkins Showroom

The showroom is gorgeous in neutral whites, grays, blacks and charcoals offering Michael Dawkins’ very singular vision of interiors.  Notice how Dawkins directs your eye with lighting, and ambiance.

Michael Dawkins C Weinstein

Michael Dawkins Showroom NYC

Michael Dawkins Showroom NYC

Incorporated into the displays were plenty of Belgian Linens, as well as one of a kind pieces, which Michael scours Europe for.  Michael Dawkins is highly-regarded for his ability to successfully integrate various textures, styles, and genres.  Each item featured in the Michael Dawkins Showroom was placed with careful scrutiny for an elegant and distinguished ambiance.

Michael Dawkins Showroom NYC

 The Michael Dawkins Showroom in New York City is open to the public for viewing.  I highly encourage taking this daytrip!



Not to be overlooked, ottomans are both practical and chic!  More than just putting your feet on – these ottomans would be an asset to your rooms.

1.  Thomas Pheasant’s Paris Ottomon (Tufted)


This ottoman from the Thomas Pheasant Collection is perfect for a Hollywood Modern or Transitional Traditional themed interior.  I love the deep tufts and large size.

2.  Barbara Barry’s Arc Bench

Arc Bench Baker Furniture

Both architectural and sculptural, Barbara Barry’s Arc Bench is sleek and modern.  Designed by Barbara Barry, the Arc Bench features a firmly upholstered cushion placed atop a modern metal arc.  I would love two of these at the end of a bed!

3.  Bunny Williams Home’s Tray Chic Ottoman

Tray Chic Ottoman Bunny Williams

This piece doubles as a stylish addition to the room while the tray easily handles snacks!  This piece is fabulous for a relaxed family room, and has elegant details that will draw the eye.  The carved turned wood feet, removable tray, and embossed faux shagreen patterned interior make this a piece you will treasure!

4.  Restoration Hardware’s Tufted Leather Coffee Ottoman

Restoration Hardware CWeinstein

Restoration Hardware‘s Tufted Leather Coffee Ottoman is perfect for a large family room.  With six leather options for you to choose from, this piece works itself easily into your design and lifestyle!

5.  Mecox Gardens’ Turquoise and Cream Tufted Pouf Ottoman

Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein

This stylish ottoman brings an exotic note to a room decor- it can be found at Mecox Gardens!  Mixed fabrics of both Turquoise linen blend and cream linen blend are incorporated in this limited edition piece.

6.  MB Tangier Ottoman

Tangier Ottoman CWeinstein

These ottomans lend an air of Tangier and are sure to be a focal point!  The specialty nail pattern is created with Antique Bronze Nailheads; how chic!

7.  Global Views’ Moroccan Poof-Black Leather Ottoman

Global Views CWeinstein

This playful ottoman includes storage and can easily move about the room- I usually group two underneath a console.

The Drawing Room Gallery

In my previous article I shared great finds from one of my most loved stores in East Hampton, Mecox Gardens!  This week  I am featuring one of my favorite galleries which I have been visiting for years- The Drawing Room Gallery.  Open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., this gallery is a perfect day-trip destination!

The Drawing Room Gallery

The Drawing Room Gallery, East Hampton, NY

The Drawing Room Gallery is a contemporary gallery which exhibits original pieces of fine art to all art enthusiasts.  Owned by Kenleigh & Michael Larock since 2004, The Drawing Room Gallery has become a creative haven for the public.  Featuring both local and national contemporary artists, The Drawing Room Gallery’s collections are a fantastic source of varied inspiration; exhibits range from paintings, sculptures, photography, and drawings, and are constantly rotated.


Hosting a variety of events from meet-the-artist opening receptions, artist talks, workshops, movie nights, community dinners (AKA “The Artists’ Table), and more, this is one gallery that always makes for a memorable venture.  View current and upcoming exhibitions hosted at The Drawing Room Gallery online hereThe Drawing Room Gallery’s blog is a fantastic resource for inspiration and staying in the know regarding currently promoted artists and exhibits.

Drawing Room Cami Weinstein


Discovering The Hamptons: Mecox Gardens

Recently I took a mini-vacation to The Hamptons, and it was fabulous!  The variety of quaint little shops is overwhelming and exciting, and it’s almost impossible to not stop into each one.  Over the next two blogs I will showcase a tiny sampling of the remarkable stores and design pieces I found while discovering the Hamptons on vacation!


Mecox Gardens, East Hampton

First on my list is Mecox Gardens – one of my favorite just for the sheer variety of home furnishings, decorative accessories, design books etc.  I go to all of them including the one in Palm Beach, Florida and the Los Angeles location, but the East Hampton location is my favorite.

Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein

Mecox Gardens has this amazing design aesthetic that blurs the line between indoor living and the raw beauty of nature.  Their quality products range from one of a kind antiques to unusual re-editions and classic Mecox designs.

Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein Mecox Gardens Cami Weinstein

The overall effect of Mecox Gardens’ East Hampton location is refreshing, eye-catching and unique.  There is an old-world feeling in some of the pieces that instantly gives you a sense of comfort, much like looking through one of your grandmother’s photo albums.  Juxtaposing with these antiqued elements are bright architectural accessories that bring new life and an air of possibility to the assemblage of decor.

Cami Weinstein Mecox Gardens

Stay tuned for more inspiring finds from my mini-tour of shops while on vacation in the Hamptons!


Westchester Residence II

The Westchester Residence II Project was inspired loosely by the French 1940’s with a modern twist.  The house is a Tudor from the 1920’s owned by a family with three children.  The design goal was to incorporate color while staying true to the Tudor fashion.

Westchester Cami Weinstein Living Room

Downstairs, the media room is both fabulous and family-friendly- perfect for movie night!  Westchester Home Magazine 2013 granted me the “Best Media Room” award for this room!  The pop of color is bright and refreshing, and the color-blocked walls adds intrigue to the space.

Westchester Cami Weinstein Family RoomWestchester Cami Weinstein Living Room

The dining room features a hand-blown Murano glass light fixture from Van Den Akker Antiques.

Westchester Cami Weinstein Murano Glass

Also from Van Den Akker Antiques are the amethyst lamps, imported from Belgium.  These raw geodes are just beautiful, incorporating texture and color!  Van Den Akker never lets me down when I am shopping for a unique vintage piece.  Each item in Van Den Akker’s collection is hand-selected from collections of distinguished artists across Europe; I love it!

Westchester Cami Weinstein Lamp

This fluffy stool from John Rosselli & Associates is a fun accessory for the room.  John Rosselli & Associates always feature such lovely pieces and the timeless sense of design just can’t be overlooked.  Aiming to incorporate a piece with a French 1940’s touch, I added this Line Vautrin “Roy de Soleil” Mirror- it was the perfect touch!

Westchester Cami Weinstein Chair

Accessory Inspiration

I am forever finding accessories that I would love to work into a design (or keep)!  There is no limit to items I find inspiration from – bright floral pumps, taxidermy curios, vintage jewelry – you get the picture.  Here is a list of my Top Six Accessories That Inspire Me:

1.  D. Brett Benson Inc. has the most fabulous vintage costume jewelry, and you can try on as many pieces as you’d like!  Their online catalog features a variety of pieces. ranging from quirky collectables to dazzling classics.  I highly encourage a trip to visit D. Brett Benson’s shop, located in West Palm Beach’s Antique Row District!

D Brett Benson Brooch Cami Weinstein D Brett Benson Cami Weinstein

2.  1st Dibs truly features the most beautiful things on Earth – at least as far as I’ve seen!  I recently fell in love with a Rare Octagonal Green Tortoiseshell  Tea Caddy with Ivory edging, a silver engraved initial plate, and escutcheon.  I love Tortoiseshell, and the extra details including a velvet-lined lid, and a fully working lock and tasseled key is too tempting.

1st Dibs Tea Caddy Cami Weinstein

3. Phillip Nimmo‘s beautiful, unique, and functional metal furnishing and lighting pieces are fabulous.  This Phillip Nimmo lamp I incorporated into a design for a client adds intrigue to the room, and is a great conversation piece!

Phillip Nimmo Lamp Cami Weinstein

4.  Lindsey Adelman‘s fixtures have become a delicacy in the design-world.  Her innovative chandeliers are a hybrid between nature and industrial  art.  Her pieces incorporate hand-blown glass globes which are made by fine glass artisans in Brooklyn, New York.  Lindsey Adelman and I co-designed this custom piece.  I placed this piece from Adelman’s “Branching Series” in a client’s home; it drops through the staircase, adding a little bit of whimsy to the decor.

Lindsey Adelman Branching Series Cami Weinstein

5.  This Balthazar Chandelier from Nancy Corzine has eighteen lights, silk shades, wax candle sleeves, and “Antique Gold” finish.  Known for classic, elegant pieces that fit well into modern living while adding glamour, Nancy Corzine ensures the longevity of her fixtures, despite design’s constant evolution.

Nancy Corzine Balthazar Chand Cami Weinstein

6.  I purchased these Antique Marble Obelisks at the Bronx Botanical Garden Show, which is a favorite of mine!  These structural accessories add simple opulence to a design.

Marble Obelisks Cami Weinstein

Architectural Digest – Home Design Show 2014

I went to the Architectural Digest – Home Design Show at the Pier yesterday in NYC with my friend Mindy Gerhardt, the showroom manager of Decorative Crafts in Greenwich, CT.  The show had lots of interesting things – some of the new offerings by the appliance vendors were pretty amazing.

My favorite part was DIFFA’s Dining by

And my favorite Dining Scenario was the one by Arteriors – I loved the dark glamour of the table setting – I imagine dining there would be like being transported to an enchanted forest.

Here are some others —photo

The above from Luxe Magazine is so glamourous and sophisticated – and just love those ladies who work for Luxe – a  shout out to them – they are always so gracious to work with!



This was another fun setting – it has a child like quality and at the same time a very sophisticated European feeling – I am imagining a European kitchen or a charming child’s birthday party!



Last – I adored the Dina Von Furstenberg table setting – It had that vibrant decadent party theme! Having a party on the beach in that setting would make a summer night complete!

Mindy and I saw lots of friends and met some new ones along the way! If you are thinking of remodeling or decorating definitely spend an afternoon at the show!