Does your front door make a good first impression?  With a fresh coat of paint you can give your home a completely updated feel!  Discover the perfect front door paint color for your home with inspiration from my “Front Door Colors” Pinterest board.

Neutral Grey French Doors Cami Weinstein

Welcome Home, Sunshine

Sunshine Yellow Door Cami Weinstein


Yellow is a cheerful color that evokes clarity and warmth, making it perfect for your front door!  I love the idea of dressing a yellow door up with rustic floral wreaths for an elegant, modern traditional feel.

Country Blues

Country Blue Front Door Cami Weinstein


Keep the traditional tone of your beautiful Greenwich, CT home with a freshly painted country blue door.  A cool country blue enhances the entrance’s traditional molding; this is also the perfect blue for my front door!

Statement of Elegance

Black Painted Door Cami Weinstein


When rethinking your front door, consider updating the hardware and walkway details as well.  Topiaries frame the entryway and draw your eye into the gorgeous tile walkway, brass hardware and elegant black lacquered door.

The New Neutral

Blush Pink Front Door Cami Weinstein


If you’re not comfortable with transitioning from a white front door to a bright, glossy shade, check out some pastel swatches!  This blush pink door is perfect for a beach house, or Connecticut home and won’t overpower your design.