Floral and Damask patterns, gilded frames, and warm woods are the usual elements of traditional home design.  Combine antiques with modern elements to cultivate the new traditional interior for 2016!  The key to perfecting the new traditional style is balance.

New Traditional Design Cami Weinstein

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The New Traditional:  Details

Traditional Modern Wallpaper Cami Weinstein

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Incorporating modern details into your traditional home is easy once you perfect the formula.  Mastering the new traditional style means maintaining a balanced ratio of traditional elements and modern details.

Kitchen New Traditional Cami Weinstein

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This beautiful kitchen combines traditional framework and cabinetry with a gleaming, stainless steel range.  The juxtaposition of classic woodwork and gleaming modern appliances makes for the perfect new traditional design.

Linens & Things

New Traditional Bedroom Cami Weinstein

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This elegant bedroom’s traditional wooden bed frame is made modern with fresh, white lacquer accents.  The bold blue bedding is balanced out with delicate embroidered sheets and pillow shams.  A touch of modernist artwork makes for a simple and well-rounded design.

Sleek Opulence

Dining Room New Traditional Cami Weinstein

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While there is no denying that this dining room’s mural is grand, sleek upholstered chairs keep the room grounded.  A lavish chandelier and detailed curtains weigh heavily towards traditional design, while sleek modern lighting takes the room into the modern world.

Traditional Bones, Modern Installments

New Traditional Living Room Cami Weinstein

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If your home features heavily traditional framework and architecture, balance things out with less-than-fussy details.  A muted grey color scheme with touches of pink and gold give a nod towards traditional color palettes, while sleek furniture adds modern definition.

Stay tuned for more traditional modern features; next time I am going to delve into the beauty of traditional modern kitchen and bathroom design!