Monthly Archives: September 2013

Edelman Leathers

Edelman leather is one of the most luxurious brands for interior use upholstery. Their colors are incredible. Some of my favorites are from the top: Supersoft – Thistle — a gorgeous lavender that I would use for a bedroom or for a woman’s executive office.

All Grain – Rose — a wonderful shade of pink that I would use in summer house or on an accent chair in a Living Room.

Cavallini – Coastal — A hair-on hide in an amazing teal – could give a whole new meaning to chairs in a “Man Cave”

Bird's Nests!

These bird nests were on display at the Aiken Free Library in Pawling, NY – they are beautifully made and the eggs are such gorgeous colors they give me endless inspiration for the variations in blues that can be applied to decorating!

Taxidermy Curio

After some eye rolling, my son and I agreed to go with Marc – my husband, to the Aiken Free Library in Pawling , NY – to see a small group Art Show – Four of Marc’s Photos were in the show. Of course we got lost along the way and were incredibly grouchy by the time we found the Library – I mean how could we not “find” the Library in a tiny town!

It turns out the show was packed and the most interesting part of the Library was it’s museum! The building itself is wonderful late Victorian architecture and really pretty but the museum — ahhh …. It reminded me of the Bruce Museum in Greenwich CT. Before it was totally renovated and lost it’s charm. Downstairs in the basement is their natural history museum with many vignettes like this curio of taxidermy birds.

It's Finished!

The facelift is done …. An overhaul of your spaces either in or out always makes you feel good, Not only are you re-inspired (or at least I am) but it gives you a chance to reorganize and really enjoy your home and it’s surroundings.

However – once a project is done …. it becomes a domino and you need another.

The Backyard...

Not only did the front yard need a revamp but so did the back – After clearing out the masses of weeds and overgrown plants my gardener and I decided which plants and shrubs to keep and then I became plant obsessed and made several trips to Nurseries and my very favorite plant shop at the New York Botanical Garden! Besides having one of the nicest museum shops around their plant selections for purchase are great! I also love how you can look at the Botanical Gardens displays of plants and flowers and then find many of those same offerings for sale in the plant shop. The plants are large and healthy and I stocked up on perennials!

I have been having a great time layering color and texture in the garden while trying to maintain a constant bloom in the garden. Not an easy feat! I have decided to start keeping a plant/ garden journal with photos and ideas of plants to add over time to fill in the gaps.

House Railings

We are getting there – railings almost done – I designed a Chippendale style. It adds safety and style and keeps the house grounded and not so looming at the top of the hill.
Now for the last part painting.