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Board, Batten and Shiplap Walls

Are your walls missing a little something?  Give your interior some charisma and charm with board, batten and shiplap walls.  I love the finished look board and batten gives a space; tweet your favorite design ideas at “@camidesigns”!

The Mudroom

via Pizitz Home Cottage

via Pizitz Home Cottage


via Indulgy

Horizontal planks open up this mudroom and give an otherwise unruly area a finished feel.  Updating a space on your main floor can transform the feel of your entire house without touching other rooms.

Staircase Space


via Home Bunch

Never underestimate your staircase space!  Batten and board panels continue the home’s aesthetic without being too overbearing.

via home bunch

via Home Bunch

Paint-grade Pine shiplap siding featuring an 1/8″ reveal covers these walls, for a sleek transition.

From Farm to Fabulous


via Interior Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors were one of the more popular interior design trends for 2016.  Give your Connecticut home a touch of modern farm aesthetic for a touch of countryside comfort.


via Beth Webb

Whitewashed shiplap walls are minimalist enough for a modern home, yet cozy enough for those with traditional roots.

A New Nursery


via Project Nursery

Introducing board and batten walls to a nursery help maintain crisp, contemporary feel.  For new parents, simple details such as board and batten walls can make a messy nursery feel pulled together.



I love the idea of drawing design inspiration from a favorite location.  This Hamptons-inspired nursery features nautical elements without going overboard.

via Country Living

via Country Living

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Trends 2017

Welcome 2017!  2016 was a great year with several really interesting residential and commercial projects that I have been working on.  Look for photos in the upcoming weeks!  Here are some of the trends for 2017 I’m looking forward to exploring.

Let’s delve into 2017’s color trends; are you ready?
Via Apartment Therapy, Benjamin Moore

Trends 2017
Trending in 2017 for me is color!  As an interior designer, I have always loved color and working with color.  Lately I have noticed deeper, moodier colors trending; perhaps it’s the instant comfort-factor they provide.  Deep colors contribute an enveloping factor to a home, which can make your interior feel safe from the current uncertainty of the world.

I love the soothing blue color trend in home decor for 2017; via cafe veyafe

Creating personal spaces for clients which reflect their lifestyle and interest is very important to me.  When cultivating a personal space I don’t really like that “matching sofa, two matching chairs, two matching end tables, two matching lamps and oh, that dreaded ‘pop’ of color” concept.  I feel colors should be fully integrated into a design scheme, whether you are going the all-neutral route or are deciding to make a color statement.  Furniture should be organically mixed up and not have a match-y feel.

I love this fresh, versatile, chic color palette; via Bloglovin

Trends 2017:  Details
Adding artwork you love to an interior makes it your own!  Whether it’s a series of paintings or photographs or a piece of sculpture, pieces such as these make your space more personal.  When initially meeting with a potential client, I ask how the envision their new space and what they would like it to reflect.  Gauging a potential client’s interests and lifestyle aesthetic enables me to craft their ideal space.  Factors such as children, pets, interests in downsizing or enlarging spaces play a role in their design.  I like to know which color palettes my client is partial to, and how long they intend to live in the space we’re designing as well.

This eclectic culmination of beautiful details creates the perfect bohemian space; via harper’s bazaar.

Oliver Bonas

Jewel tones are everywhere this season! I love these bowls via Oliver Bonas

Some of my favorite past interior design projects have involved clients who are willing to take the plunge and explore furniture, colors, lighting and art they would never have thought of.

A little metallic in the morning, perhaps?
Via wordpress


This gallery wall is the perfect accent; via Instagram.

I want to hear what your design vision is!  To refresh, renew or create your home design, call (203) 661-4700 for a consultation or fill out my online contact form here.

Wallpaper Trends

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate, step away from the paint and let’s talk wallpaper samples!  These wallpaper trends range from whimsical to bold and beautiful.


Map Wallpaper via Murals Wallpaper

Polka Dot Pop

This children’s room is fun and fresh!  A black and white palette may seem less than traditional for a children’s room, but it leaves space for fun accents.


Polka Dot Wallpaper via Etsy


via Apartment Therapy

This room’s built-in-bookshelf is transformed with a lining of polka dot wallpaper.  Lining bookshelves with wallpaper is one of my favorite go-to’s.

Geometric Perspective


via Jaimee Rose

This contemporary bathroom design stays cool with geometric wallpaper and brass accents.  I also love how the copper metallic lines on Erica Wakerly’s wallpaper (below) reflects light.


Erica Wakerly Wallpaper via Monument Interiors

Classic Chinoiserie


Chinoiserie Wallpaper via Murals Wallpaper

Chinoiserie is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions, and makes for a chic wallpaper design for a dining room.