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Modern Wood Paneling

If the term paneled walls brings to mind heavy, dark wood that sucks the natural light out of a space, you probably aren’t alone.  Wood paneling tends to make us all imagine the same sort of interior, but believe it or not, modern paneled walls can look light, sleek, and modern while still retaining the natural warmth and organic texture of wood. 

Here are some examples of modern wood paneling anyone can fall in love with!

Take a look at these gorgeous walls featuring square panels.  The geometric looks is modern and stylish without feeling cold.

wood paneling

Oversize panels in this bath add height to the small space, making the room feel larger than it really is. 

wood paneling


Looking for a strong, masculine wall choice?  The darker panels in this bedroom look so sumptuous!  Metallic accents give the bedroom just the right amount of reflective light.

wood paneling

Which type of modern wood paneling do you prefer?