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Holiday Details

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? This year has flown by! We’re quickly approaching Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to start focusing on holiday details and decor.

The Thanksgiving table is one of the focal points of the holiday, especially with all that delicious food on it.  Spend some extra time this year with the details to make it really stand out! These napkins and napkin holders by Kim Seybert are some of my favorites!

And what better to go with a stand-out table design? Barware that’ll wow your guests – such as this antique etched collection from Williams Sonoma!

Stand out glassware deserves memorable drink recipes.  Here are two of my favorite traditional holiday beverages!

Slow-cooker mulled cider is the perfect drink for entertaining a crowd because you can prepare a batch in advance and leave the slow-cooker on “Stay Warm” while you relax and enjoy your guests!  Just add brandy or whiskey to this recipe and you’ll have a show-stopping drink! Recipe Here. 

It’s not Thanksgiving without Hot Toddies! Check out this fantastic recipe and consider whipping these up for friends and family at your feast! Recipe Here

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

Cozy Up to Autumn!

The seasons are turning and that means only one thing – time to cozy-up and hibernate the colder months away!  Your home should always be more than just an assortment of furniture, and making your surroundings cozy for fall and winter is one of the best ways to warm up the feel of a space.  These fantastic rooms will make you want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book!

Warm up your room with a fantastic throw blanket.  A fluffy throw is a must-have for wrapping yourself up in this time of year!

Cozy Blanket


Candles can warm up a fall vignette.  These rustic log votive holders are perfect for giving your autumn decor an inviting glow whether you place them on the coffee table or as a dining table centerpiece.

Fall Candles

One key ingredient to cozying up a room is pillows! You can never have too many big, soft, and fluffy pillows to lounge on this time of year.  Choose the colors of the season to bring the feeling of fall indoors while leaving the chill outside where it belongs!Cozy Pillows

Cozy Fall Colors

What are your favorite ways to welcome fall?

Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration

Fall is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing – cool nights around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  There are almost limitless options when designing an outdoor escape with a fire feature, but I like to think of the exterior of a home as an extension of the interior.  Outdoor spaces should respect the style and feel of the home, take advantage of the natural landscape, and provide an inviting spot to gather with friends and family.

Like all things, design also plays an important role in creating an atmosphere with a fire pit. This one has a stunning symmetrical walkway leading to a beach styled sitting area overlooking a waterfront. 

This enchanting seating area features a pretty walkway and torches, plenty of greenery, and and a low stone wall. 

This stunning home in Whistler, British Columbia, features an elegant and sleek modern fire pit overlooking breathtaking views of the Coast Mountain Range. Who would ever want to leave this spot?

Just imagine sitting at this outdoor fireplace, bundled under a blanket, on crisp fall nights. The perfect place to enjoy a cheese plate, some wine, and great conversation.  

Talk about luxurious. This outdoor fireplace is surrounded by some old growth trees. What a spectacular sight this fireplace must be in autumn with a roaring fire and the changing of leaves. 

The ultimate outdoor entertainment area! TV, a fire, and the outdoors. What more could a person ask for? Luxury, comfort, and entertainment all in one makes for the perfect place to gather with guests or just solo during a big game. 

What would your ideal outdoor fireplace look like?

Pools and Pool Houses

As the end of the summer heats up, these pool and pool house ideas will inspire you to stay cool in style!

This wonderful secluded pool with an almost-hidden pool house is such a stand-out. It is chic, inviting, and peaceful all at the same time.

This pool house in the Belgian countryside is a former barn and features steel frames and original beams; the pool is sheathed in glass mosaic tiles, and surrounded by Belgian bluestone.  The overall feel evokes a sort of rustic minimalism.

This cottage with its in-ground pool and eating area is so cozy and serene — a backyard getaway for two!  This lovely design shows you don’t have to “go big” to create something beautiful.

This comfortable, family-friendly pool house is ready to host a steady stream of visitors on sunny afternoons. It features outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, and stylishly casual furniture, perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying time with family.

If adding an outdoor bar to your poolside design is on your summer bucket list, this cute window idea might be the perfect solution for your pool house or cabana.   Perfect for serving lemonade to the kids or cocktails to the adults!

Now this is a pool-house I could happily spend every summer day in! It serves as a gorgeous guest house and a great place to retreat from everyday life. 

Who says you don’t need a pool in paradise? This pool is surrounded by an incredible amount of greenery to create a true backyard oasis. 

What does your perfect pool or pool house look like?

Beach Bungalows

Thinking about summer and beach bungalows you can easily imagine kitschy decor and cliche decorations. Beach decor can easily evolve into this style – add in bright turquoises and corals and you are on your way to overdoing it. There are ways to create that coastal, casual feel without resorting to the cliches.

Let’s take a look at some designs that create the feeling of a beach bungalow without over-the-top decor and colors. 

This stairway uses roping and dock cleats as a hip but subtle touch for accenting the room. The use of  textured rope and off-white paint reminds me of a marina – You almost feel like you are on a boat.


The use of a piece of driftwood with hooks added creates a unique towel holder – perfectly suited for this bathroom at the beach!

The use of neutral colors and texture create a sophisticated but casual beach kitchen. The kitchen island’s use of textured wood pulls the design theme together.

This kitchen’s use of custom lighting is inspired by antique diving equipment. Paired with wicker chairs, it acts as a bold statement piece in the room. 

The worn metal on this night stand, and mirror, stand out visually resembling items you might find at a dockyard, worn down over time by salt water.  

Have you seen design ideas for beach bungalows that have inspired you?  Tell us in the comments!

Modern Wood Paneling

If the term paneled walls brings to mind heavy, dark wood that sucks the natural light out of a space, you probably aren’t alone.  Wood paneling tends to make us all imagine the same sort of interior, but believe it or not, modern paneled walls can look light, sleek, and modern while still retaining the natural warmth and organic texture of wood. 

Here are some examples of modern wood paneling anyone can fall in love with!

Take a look at these gorgeous walls featuring square panels.  The geometric looks is modern and stylish without feeling cold.

wood paneling

Oversize panels in this bath add height to the small space, making the room feel larger than it really is. 

wood paneling


Looking for a strong, masculine wall choice?  The darker panels in this bedroom look so sumptuous!  Metallic accents give the bedroom just the right amount of reflective light.

wood paneling

Which type of modern wood paneling do you prefer?

Gardening and Gardens

Gardens are the perfect adornment for the exterior of your house. The best hobbies are often those that stimulate the mind and jolt the body, with excitement deriving from even the hobby’s most mundane tasks. At least, that’s what gardening does for some; it just feels good in the soul. Some people know the saying “gardening is good for the soul,” but it’s also worth wondering why exactly that is, even if most gardeners could tell you it’s the case just by the mere enjoyment of gardening itself.

Be certain to pave any provides secure footing. Avoid slick surfaces or loosely set pavers that wobble. Paving materials like polished granite or smooth outdoor tile may not offer enough traction in rainy and wintery climates.

Leave plenty of headroom under archways, arbors, and pergolas. Consider 7 feet to be the minimum, and add at least another 18 inches if I know there will be plants growing over the structure. This may sound high, but outdoor structures tend to look smaller than they would if they were indoors.

While it may not be a hobby like cross-country running, gardening has its share of physical benefits as well. In addition to increased time spent out in the sun – which has its own share of benefits – gardening often requires constant movement in some capacity, whether it’s walking around a garden to water flowers or the hand movement involved in planting new flowers. Gardening offers gentle yet beneficial forms of exercise that people of all ages can participate in.

Give your plants room to grow. If you must have a dense, full landscape right away, plant with the intent to relocate or remove some plants as they mature. You can also plant quick-growing, short-lived “filler” plants to temporarily bulk up your plantings. Beauty may be skin deep, but plants can do more in the garden than sit around and look pretty. The right plants, used the right way, can actually add comfort and utility to your garden. Conifers and broad-leaved evergreens can protect your garden from harsh winds. Large-scale perennials or ornamental grasses can make an “instant” privacy screen. A well-placed tree or tall shrub border can provide a shady oasis in the heat of a summer’s afternoon. Don’t think you have enough room for a tree? Think again. With so many compact ornamental trees available, there’s probably one to fit any property.

Several studies have associated a lower risk of dementia with gardening, particularly that those who gardened on a regular basis had a 36% to 47% lower risk of dementia than those who did not garden. There’s a reason that many of the best retirement homes offer gardening programs and gardens for the elderly to walk through; the act of gardening stimulates the youthful sentiment within everyone’s soul, while also likely reducing the risk of dementia.

Watch your garden grow and your stress shrink. If you’re looking for a way to get some physical exercise, breathe deeply, and relieve stress, look no further than your garden. Planting and tending a garden is an excellent way to alleviate anxiety and create a quiet respite amidst a busy life. This design detail is just as important as the interiors of a home.

If you would like to learn more about designing your home inside and out, contact Cami today!


The New Traditional

Do you love antiques and modern design? If you do, it is time to mix them together. It’s time to add a modern twist to traditional. Take a look at these rooms that make the classics feel fresh. This design is used for those who love the past but also love the comforts of modern life.

“New traditional: an homage to classic decorating with a breezy air” -gorgeous modern spin on the traditional home

Traditional furniture and décor has plenty of history and can be quite beautiful. Having antique furniture can often look overdone. It can feel rather heavy, dark, and dated. By adding a modern style, the home design will have a clean and exciting vibe. This blend of the old and the new celebrates the best of each, creating a look that is both timeless and timely.


New traditional kitchen, with bright gold and brass lanterns, circa lighting in the ceilings, vintage navy blue and pink Persian runner, bikini stools, brushed brass hardware and white glass front cabinets.

What Americans once thought of as traditional is rooted in English country style, with its matched sets of furniture, saturated colors, multiple patterns, and heavy layers of window treatments and accessories. But modern life has changed how rooms are used and what to expect from them.


Passed down from Mandy’s grandmother, an antique mahogany china cabinet­ makes a striking, unexpected statement—so much so that it almost overshadows 
the beautiful cast-iron claw-foot tub—in this master bathroom.

The design scheme is a fresh take on countryside style, with a palette of whites and a statement rug. Whites are often used in New Traditional design. White represents purity or innocence, doctors and nurses wear it to imply sterility. White is bright and can create a sense of space or add highlights. This is why the rooms are often painted completely white. It is considered to be a summer color. Because of its neutrality, it is popular in fashion and decorating.


Look We Love: The New Traditional | Apartment Therapy

Contrasting colors also draw attention to the form of the piece. Staid brass tacks are another way to update an old piece of furniture.

Dining Room

This traditional New Orleans dining room has a chinoiserie mural of the Louisiana swamp, silk drapes, wooden table and console tables, upholstered white chairs and an ornate chandelier.

Seemingly disparate pieces of furniture come together with a casually unified color scheme. Burgundy, dark green, and indigo make way for sage, celadon, sky or aqua blue, wheat, and white, mixed with chocolate brown for contrast. Upholstery still references historic shapes but seats are now large enough for sinking in and lying down.


New Traditional decor is all about layering unique wares in an edited fashion. For the most part, upholstery is kept neutral, allowing for artwork and accessories to take center stage – via Apartment Therapy

The prevalence of neutral hues in new traditional style doesn’t mean washed out and boring. For eye-catching accents, try citrus hues. Walls are unique antique salvaged mirrors, sconces, and, in some cases, architectural remnants. Salon groupings of artwork are usually done in matching frames, for a tailored look. Special oil paintings, impressionistic portraits, or landscapes are usually hung on their own so as not to compete with other decor. Drawings, architectural studies or botanical prints framed simply with over-sized mats seem to be a popular choice. 

Who Doesn’t Love Pink?

Mature pink carpet. Design by Cami.

Who doesn’t love pink?  It seems we all have love on our minds during the month of February, and what better color to evoke romantic feelings than pink?  There are so many ways to incorporate pink into a space, whether you want to go all out or just add a hint of color here and there.  Below are some of my favorite examples of how this pretty shade can enhance almost any room in your home.

Such a whimsical scene!

The meaning of pink can be used to emanate feelings of compassion, caring, understanding, and, what else but, love and romance. It can be a pure and innocent color, and in turn, very positive. Hence, it can benefit your life by generating positive emotions, love, compassion and happiness.

Style At Home: Jordana Hazel

A well placed accessory can bring a new elegance to your design.  Pink is a great choice for an accent color.  It adds a feminine touch and a blush of happiness.  This color often has a calming effect on people, suggesting safety and vulnerability.  Use bright pinks for a playful, exciting atmosphere or more vibrant pinks for a passionate, sensual feel.  The pink spectrum has so much potential!

Decorating in pink + gold #BHGSUMMER

The most common pink color used in feng shui decorating is a gentle pink, although the “hot version” of it, the magenta pink, is also very popular. Combined with orange, also a fire feng shui element color, it can bring a fiery and passionate energy to any space.

This design by Cami Weinstein was inspired loosely by the French 1940’s with a modern twist!

Pink helps people get in touch with their thoughtful and caring side, either through the need to receive, give or care for others.  Using pink in the bathroom may offer a little extra space for mental reflection.

Painting by Georgia O’Keeffe

 For more pink inspiration, visit my Pinterest board:

Red Room

Red rooms are so fun to design! Using the color red has a bit of psychology behind it. Red will offer a resonant and stimulating aspect for rooms. A room with much red can increase the level of passion. Red may also be used to increase hunger and can be a great color for a kitchen! With red being a bold color, it often requires a little design know how to build a room around it. Here are some designs that I find inspirational for taking on red room projects.

Love the gold paint outlining the door panels!

Gold always goes great with red. It offers a more regal look to the design. Finding a complimentary carpet will bring the room together.

Stunning collection of Italian Empoli glass vessels.

Designing a room with a touch of red doesn’t always have to mean painting the walls. Well placed red decor may also bring out the warm vibes of a room.

Sitting room goals!

A comfy red velvet love seat can also be a great design detail. With the fabric reflecting light, it will open up the room a bit. Bold colors may make a room feel smaller, but using accents of white and a lighter color will open it right back up.

What an outstanding look! Ashley Whittaker, photo Thomas Loof,

A large room with windows is always a great option for red design. The light will really bring out the brightness in the red tones and wake a room up. This reading nook is absolutely beautiful. Each fabric is unique with a small touch of red or muted tones.


Like a bold lipstick, red can make a room more interesting. It can cause people to stop and stare. Adding red to a quiet room can create a little buzz around the area.

Stunning combination of red and white. And that chandelier…!

Red bathrooms are one of my favorite ways to explore red interior design projects. Take a look at these two bathrooms!

So cool!

Do you have something red in your home that you love?