Ikat is everywhere!  From your favorite high-end boutiques to your local Target, it seems the design world is loving this pattern.  Here are some of my favorite patterned picks!


All About Ikat


Navy Ikat with light blue, gray, cream by Stout Swelter Swel-1 Fabric via Fabric Living.

This design can be found across the globe, throughout designs from a multitude of cultures including Pre-Colombian Peru, 10th century Yemen, Japan, Indonesia and more!  There are countless variations as well as various ways to create this unique pattern.

Wall Design


via etsy

This fabric wallpaper adds a refined touch to this laid back bedroom.  Subtle enough to coordinate fabrics with, yet extrordinary enough to use as a focal point, this is a smart design move.  I love that this wallpaper is actually a self-adhesive vinyl decal, making it completely removable when you’re ready for a change.

Staircase Details:  The Stair Runner


via Rite Rug Flooring

Give your stairs a finished look with a staircase runner; I love this off-white and black ikat design.  If you are skiddish about adding patterns to your contemporary interior, try the trend out with neutrals first.

Dinnerware Details


via Traditional Home


via west elm

We’re skipping right over an ikat table runner or tablecloth and heading straight for the dinnerware!  If you are a fan of hosting like I am, it’s just as exciting to welcome your guests as it is to prepare a beautiful setting for them.

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