As an interior designer it is necessary to fuel yourself on constant inspiration.  Having a background in painting and printmaking, most of my muses are drawn from artists I discover or have admired for a long time.  Recently, I visited the John Singer Sargent exhibit, and was struck by his bold sense of color.

Cami Weinstein John Singer Sargent

In this article, I will explain the process of finding color palettes, furniture and more from your favorite visual artists.

Cami Weinstein Art Inspiration

The opulent portraits of John Singer Sargent

From Paintbrush to Color Palette


Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent features a beautiful color palette!

Creating a color palette for a design can be a daunting task.  Take a creative approach by selecting a few favorite paintings to generate color palettes from; you may find an unlikely color combination to suit your interior!

Interior Design

This interior could have easily utilized the John Singer Sargent painting as a muse!

Want to test this technique out yourself?  Insert your favorite painting into CSS Drive’s Color Palette Generator here.

Art Transforms Ideas

John Singer Sargent

These bold colors are perfect tablescape inspiration!

There is no one way to translate a piece of art, and because of this, a great piece of art can transform your view on a completely different subject.  For example. I love the bold green and crisp white in this painting; the colors could inspire a fabulous table setting!Table Setting Inspiration

From Canvas & Paint to Textile Inspiration

From Victorian opulence to elegant window treatment inspiration!

From Victorian opulence to elegant window treatment inspiration!

Another great way to translate a painting into an interior is with textiles.  John Singer Sargent was renowned for painting aristocrats in opulent detail.

Ornate Living Room

Aristocratic indeed!

This luxurious interior could have easily been inspired by the portrait!