Today I am making the case for baskets as a means of organized design.  Where should you put the hand towels and fresh soap in the guest bathroom?  A basket.  Is your kitchen too cluttered?  You probably need shelving, or in this article, a basket.  Is your baking rack missing something?  I think you know what it’s missing:  a basket.

Bathroom Basket Cami Weinstein

This basket keeps items neat and welcoming!

Basket Styles

Burlap Planter Basket

This burlap planter basket is perfect for storing accessories in a mud room!

From rustic to structured, baskets come in many shapes and styles.  Choosing one for your design is a personal decision.  Is your room too strict?  Balance it out with an elegant, yet earthy basket, perhaps made out of bamboo.

Baskets Cami Weinstein

Though beautiful, these baskets seem too delicate for heavy-duty storage, such as laundry; baskets designed by Piet Hein Eek.

Does your basket serve a specific purpose, or is it strictly ornamental?  This comes into play when deciding how sturdy of a material you need.  For example, when selecting a laundry basket for a bedroom, a sturdy basket with a liner is probably best.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Baskets Cami Weinstein

Fresh flowers and natural baskets add to this crisp white kitchen.

A spare basket (or two, or three . . .) in the kitchen is extremely useful.  Gather vine-fresh tomatoes from the garden or keep the silverware for your outdoor party neat and organized with a basket.

French Baskets Cami Weinstein

Is your design looking a little sparse?  Does your new hutch have too much empty space?  A pop of greenery and a natural basket are great, cost-effective ways to enhance your design.  These French baskets create an elegantly rustic feel, when gathered together in a vignette!

Living Room Design

Living Room Basket Cami Weinstein

Keep toys off the floor and remotes in their designated areas with baskets!  Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive, just smart.  This re-purposed bookcase gives a blank white wall a sense of identity, while featuring functional components.

Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets Cami Weinstein

These baskets complete the patio design.

An ordinary plastic planter is evolved when placed inside of a beautiful basket.  The flowers you have cared for are now given a completely personal touch, and are now neatly incorporated into your patio design!

For more great ways to update your interior design with baskets, view my Pinterest board here.