Who says monochromatic has to be monotone?  There are so many ways to interpret black and white kitchen design for your home; share your favorite interior with me by tagging “@camidesigns” on Instagram!


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To Tile or Not to Tile


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Giving your kitchen a much needed renovation?  Black and white tile is a versatile option for your kitchen flooring, and suits all interior styles from classic to contemporary!


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I also love opting for a unique and visually-appealing backsplash for added drama.

The Kitchen Island


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Kitchen islands are where food is prepped, and coffee and conversation combine.  Selecting family-friendly details for your black and white kitchen design is simple; personally I opt for a white stone countertop and black chairs for a chic, no-stress space.

Details, Details, Details


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Once you have your flooring, walls and furniture selected, it’s all about the details.  The versatility of a black and white kitchen design really shines when you open your mind to the amount of possibilities.  Add bold red details for a dash of color one season, let fresh flowers and copper cookware take center stage the next season, and so on!  If you are looking for a significant change, swapping out light fixtures change the tone of a room completely.


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