The chaise lounge is originally thought to have been a Egyptian daybed, as many examples have been found as 1st century artifacts.  A long, elegant chair-like sofa, “chaise lounge” refers to any long, reclining chair in modern French.  There are three primary styles of the chaise lounge, all ideal to add an air of sophistication to a room while lounging comfortably.  Put your feet up and relax on these fabulous pieces:

Baker Furniture Sensei Series Cami Weinstein

Equally at home in either the bedroom or anywhere alternate seating might be required; the shape is more retro than either traditional or contemporary.

1.  The Duchesse Brisé is a style of chaise lounge which is divided in two parts  including either a chair and a long footstool, or two chairs with a stool between them. Cami Weinstein The Duchesse Brisé

An example of a classic The Duchesse Brisé.
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2.  The Récamier, named after French socialite, Madame Recamier, is an elegant piece of furniture with two raised ends and no side detail. Often associated with the French Neoclassical style, this chaise lounge design is ideally placed in a drawing room, versus a bedroom.


Madame Récamier lounging on the chaise lounge which was eventually named after her.

3.  The Méridienne features a high head rest which slopes downward to a lower footrest.  This classic chaise lounge style was most popular in the lavish homes of 19th century France, and is still just as luxurious and popular today!

Alana Chaise, Saffron Cami Weinstein

The Alana Chaise in Saffron, from

Today, designers build upon these classic silhouettes to create architectural, contemporary, elegant, and functional pieces.

One Kings Lane Andrew Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

The Andrew 71″ Velvet Day Chaise, Tangerine from

This tangerine velvet chaise lounge from The Kristin Drohan Collection from One King’s Lane is so versatile; accessories and placement transform this piece from crisp and modern to soft and vintage.

Jacques Garcia Baker Furniture Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of

A variation of the Méridienne, this chaise lounge designed by Jacques Garcia features fine detailing in both the wood and upholstery.

Harbor Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of McGuire Furniture

Harbor Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of McGuire Furniture

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor lounging, the Harbor Chaise Lounge from McGuire Furniture is inviting and tres chic!

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