Chinoiserie is always in style!  I adore Chinoiserie in both fashion and homes; here are some of of my favorite ways to incorporate Chinoiserie into your interior.


Cami Weinstein Designs

Chinese – Art Deco / 11’ 0” x 8’ 8”

From Exhibit to Interior

China Through Looking Glass Cami Weinstein

I love this elegant Chinoiserie design!

Chinoiserie Blue Cami Weinstein

Asian interior inspiration in blue and white

Recently I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s China Through the Looking Glass exhibit and was inspired by the patterns, colors and textures!  The versatility of Chinoiserie is perfect for cultivating an elegant interior; how beautiful is this hand-painted chest and wallpaper?

From Closet to Chinoiserie Chests

Ralph Lauren Dress Cami Weinstein

This intricately beaded and embroidered Ralph Lauren dress is fabulous!

What does Ralph Lauren and Nancy Corzine have in common?  They are both inspired by Chinoiserie!

Nancy Corzine Chest Cami Weinstein

Chinoiserie Chest, Nancy Corzine

The intricate beading and embroidery on the back of this Ralph Lauren gown could have easily been inspired by this beautiful Nancy Corzine chest!

Design Inspiration

Incorporating a touch of Chinoiserie into your interior is easier than you think!  This motif is a great way to create a focal point in your design.

Grisaille Walls Cami Weinstein

These Grisaille walls are stately without being too overdone.  The grey tones and scrolling cast iron staircase add unconventional intrigue!

Preppy Chinoiserie Bedroom Cami Weinstein Design

I love this preppy pink bedroom!  The wall art brings other pink hues into the room, gives a vintage touch and helps fill an awkward space.

Paul Raeside Cami Weinstein

Paul Raeside’s design is cozy with a perfect pop of color!  For more ways to work Chinoiserie into your design, visit my Pinterest board, Chinoiserie: Always in Style here.