Have you started unboxing your favorite Christmas keepsakes?  Christmas decorating is a great way to get into the spirit of the holidays; here are some of my favorite traditional and not-so-traditional Christmas decorating ideas.


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Welcome Home for Christmas


via Homespun Christmas in a Cozy Connecticut Cottage

Step away from the tangled Christmas lights!  Taking a more rustic, traditional approach to your outdoor decor will bring a cozy Connecticut feel to your home before you even step inside.

The Entryway


This New York home’s traditional touch is fun and refreshing; via Pinterest

Being selective with your holiday decor is a refreshing approach.  One swathe of fresh garland can be just as beautiful as the usual tinsel and barrage of lights.  If you need a touch of glimmer, ornaments are a fabulous way to add an ornate touch.


Festive Lights via Martha Stewart

Christmas in the Kitchen


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Gold accents are always key; via Elle Decor

A vignette of candles or glimmering ornaments makes for a pretty display.  I love fresh evergreen elements for a touch of Christmas fragrance as well!  Incorporate your holiday heirlooms by featuring them in an assemblage on your baker’s rack!


via Nicole Gibbons

Living Room Details


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Nothing says “holiday season” more than a cozy fire!  This traditional living room design features a gorgeous festive mantle piece.


Rustic Christmas Decor via Martha Stewart

There are so many ways to decorate for the holidays; I try to mix up my interior’s theme every year.  This rustic, cottage-inspired decor beckons you to grab a mug of hot cocoa and start wrapping gifts.


via Martha Stewart