Adding accessories to your interior is a creative process that lets you really individualize a space.  The objects you choose to decorate a space say a lot about your tastes, your experiences, and your style.  Accessories really personalize a space and add a finishing touch.

One material for eye catching accessories is crystal.  Crystals, with their distinctive structure, have long fascinated people.  As the base of a lamp or simply as a decorative object, natural looking crystals bring a sophisticated earthiness to an interior.

A Natural Edge

Crystal accessories add a great texture to an interior.  I love the idea of crystal accessories with an natural edge!  From light fixtures to paperweights that make a statement, crystal accessories with raw edges are visually appealing.

Crystal Accessories 6

Crystal Accessories 10Crystal Accessories 9Crystal Accessories 8Crystal Accessories 7

Sleek & Refined

Refined, clear, crystal accessories also make a fantastic choice for adding intrigue to an interior!  These beautiful objects reflect light, adding a modern dose of sparkle and brightness.  They also blur the line between negative and positive space.

Crystal Accessories 5Forest refracted in clear sphere, crystal ballCrystal Accessories 3Crystal Accessories 2How would you use crystal accessories in your design?  Tweet at me:  @CamiDesigns!