I love designing children’s rooms!  Creating a space for imagination to blossom and playtime to take place is fun and playful.  When designing children’s bedrooms, I like to work with a child’s favorite elements and colors and to include them in the selections.

Select Fun-ctional Pieces

Kids Bookshelf Cami Weinstein

In this case books do grow on trees!

The free-reign involved in selecting fun and functional pieces for a child’s room is freeing.  In my last article, “Nursery Interior Design”, one of my favorite pieces was the rattan Elephant hamper!  I love this reading tree as a means to store your child’s favorite storybooks!

Yes, But Is It Age-Appropriate . . .

When designing kids rooms, the ultimate question looming over one’s head is, “Is it age appropriate”?  When cultivating an interior, it is important to keep in mind that paint can be re-painted and accessories can be swapped out.

Boys Bedroom Cami Weinstein

Neutral tones offer room for more sophisticated decor later on.

The nautical theme of a toddler’s room is very different from the nautical theme of a teenage boy’s room.  This designer kept the paint themes in the room neutral, which allows for more sophisticated decor later on.

Kids Drawer Pulls Cami Weinstein

How fun are these drawer pulls?

Designer Tip:  A great way to keep your child’s room fresh and age-appropriate is with minor detail changes! This desk’s drawer pulls are whimsical and fun, and can later be swapped out for a different design.

A Playful Palette 

Kids Storage Cami Weinstein

A playful color palette is key when creating a child’s sanctuary.  Bursts of color radiate energy and give the environment a fun feel!  I love the neutral carpeting with pops of pink circles!  Repeating patterns are a great way to tie a design together; the repeating pattern of polka dots keeps this room’s design from becoming too scattered.

Pre-Teen Cool

Designing a bedroom for a pre-teen requires a little bit of fun, easy and accessible organization and a lot of cool details!  This bedroom has a great work space for homework, personal elements, and an awesome light fixture!

Tween Bedroom Cami Weinstein

This pre-teen room is a cool hangout space without being too serious!

Do you have a children’s room that needs a pop of life?  Leave your questions about designing a child’s bedroom below!

For more inspiration, view my Kids Rooms Pinterest board here.