Destination design is all about incorporating cultural elements from around the globe into a personal interior design, and what’s more luxurious than outdoor showers and baths?  A great place to mill over new ideas and let worries soak away, outdoor showers and baths are simply luxe in summer.  How will you work this tropical relaxation ritual into your design?  Here are a few ideas to spike your interest.

East Coast Surf

Coastal Living Beach House Cami Weinstein

Image via Coastal Living

Perfect for a beach house, this outdoor shower was designed for the surf enthusiast.  Walk back from the beach and into the refreshing mist of your own outdoor shower!

Blue Tropics

Conde Nast Traveller Cami Weinstein

Image via Conde Nast Traveller

Invite the outdoor shower theme indoors by drawing inspiration directly from a tropical outdoor shower!  Recreate this far-away feeling with deep blues, beachy natural wood accessories and bright, fresh fauna!

The River Rock Shower

River Rock Shower Cami Weinstein

The overhang of greenery adds a touch of zen.

Note the privacy this outdoor shower provides.  When renovating a space for your outdoor shower, keep in mind how the materials used can craft a sense of serenity and stability.  This outdoor shower wall is crafted of river rocks, which adds visual interest while easing you into a tranquil mood.

Room with a View

Home Adore Cami Weinstein

The ultimate bath.

This beautiful tropical bath is roomy and inviting. The added wall of privacy and window gives access to the outside world for a spa-experience.  What could be better than soaking in a tub while basking in the sun?

Beach House Retreat

Outdoor Shower Cami Weinstein

This outdoor shower is functional and realistic!

Your beach house is the ultimate summer retreat!  Fall in love with your beach house all over again with simple modifications, such as a discreet (and chic) outdoor shower!  The modern shower fixture is a great way to update your beach house.

Summer Cottage Shower

Country Living Cami Weinstein

Relaxing outdoor shower in the country? Yes, I think I will.

Old and new come together in this fabulous Nantucket cottage’s outdoor shower design, as featured in Country Living!  Don’t let location keep you from creating the perfect outdoor shower design; working within your lifestyle while keeping your design goals in mind is key in cultivating the perfect environment!

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