With the brisk weather approaching, coming home to a warm cup of tea in front of a fireplace is the ideal way to begin your evening.  Fireplaces provide a physical and aesthetic warmth to a room’s overall tone.  How will you style your fireplace for the upcoming season?  Here are 5 ways to rethink your fireplace:

The Creative Alternative

Fireplace Bookshelf Cami Weinstein

This creative, eclectic design is quirky and smart!

Rethink your fireplace’s function.  As a designer, you have the power to envision your surroundings with new purpose.  One creative alternative I found on Pinterest, utilizes a fireplace as an eye-catching book display!  This is an ideal way to showcase a collection of vintage encyclopedias, or your favorite anthologies!

Elegant & Romantic

Candles Fireplace Cami Weinstein

I love the staggered heights of the candles!

Re-introduce elegant and romantic components into your design; this fireplace replaces wood with a variety of candles.  I like how all of the candles are of varying stature, while maintaining a uniform presence.  The overall tone of the room is chic, and inviting.


Retro Chic Cami Weinstein

This sleek fireplace is modern with hints of vintage.

Integrate both old and new design concepts into your fireplace design for a retro-chic look!  The tiling above the fireplace is sleek with a retro feel, and I love the gas fireplace option.  Gas fireplaces are a fantastic way to enjoy the warmth and ambiance provided by a fire, without all of the mess!

The Transitional Room

Transitional Fireplace Cami Weinstein

This transitional fireplace works perfectly in a city-loft!

Working clean chrome accents into your fireplace design adds a masculine touch, while fresh floral displays keep things light and fresh.  This juxtaposition of simple elements is inter-changeable, making this transitional room truly open for future seasonal makeovers.

The Organic Minimalist

Minimalist Fireplace Cami Weinstein

The ideal minimalist fireplace!

This rustic, mono-chromatic fireplace design caters to the organic minimalist in all of us.  Silver grey wood plank walls add texture and frame the focal point:  the fireplace!  Instead of a mantle atop the fireplace, the shelf underneath offers a platform for strategically-placed adornments.  I love how indoor elements are infused with elements of nature.