Fresh floor tile concepts can set a great style foundation for your interior design.  When revamping your space, considering the long-term design versatility of your flooring leaves room for fabulous fresh decor all year long.  Tile is a fantastic flooring option due to the vast array of materials and assortment of displays you can choose from!  Which of these floor tile concepts is your favorite?

1.  The Herringbone

Walker Zanger Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Walker Zanger

This herringbone flooring layout featuring Walker Zanger ‘s “Zapala” stone tile is a fresh take on contemporary traditional interior decor.  The neutral tones in the tile set the tone for a relaxing and cozy space while the herringbone pattern adds a bit of intrigue.  Try this look in your bedroom, guest room, or an elegant lake house living room.

2.  Elegant Octogonal

Elegant Octogonal Walker Zanger C Weinstein

Photo Courtesy of Walker Zanger

Do you have a room with a large open floor plan?  Take advantage of your spacious abode with an elegant octogonal mosaic layout for a stately finish!  This design features stone tile; the natural variations of color and pattern within stone tile makes it an exemplary choice for a large space, such an an opulent entryway!

3.  The Continuous Monogram Corner

Waterworks Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Waterworks

Never settle for a dull design!  Customize each detail of your flooring tile concept down to the corner; w0rking a continuous monogram design into your pattern is a great way to leave your mark on your design.

4. Gaudy Gaudi-style

Antoni Gaudi Cami Weinstein

I took a photo of this amazing floor design by Antoni Gaudi while in Barcelona, Spain!

Channel your inner-artist and create a colorful floor concept like this Antoni Gaudi creation, from Barcelona, Spain.  While visiting Barcelona with my husband, I fell in love with Gaudi’s organic-detailing.  Create a mesmerizing mud room or add a flourish to your kitchen space utilizing luxury ceramic tiles!

5.  Accessorize the Border

Waterworks Border Cami Weinstein

Waterworks’ Aqualinea Carnegie Petite Border

Aqualinea Solid Spiral Key Petite Border

Waterworks’ Aqualinea Solid Spiral Key Petite Border

De-lineate your strict floor plan with a chic accent border!  I love the idea of adding additional intrigue to your space with these borders from Waterworks; feature a pattern you like between solid tiles to break up your color scheme, or outline your room to establish a working space.  These waterjet cut pieces are assembled into pattern mosaics by hand, and the contrasting finishes and or stone colors create texture and balance.

6.  The Outdoor Pathway

Outdoor Path Antoni Gaudi Cami Weinstein

An outdoor path designed by Antoni Gaudi, in Barcelona, Spain.

Who said your flooring concepts are limited to your interior?  Lead the way to your backyard relaxation space with an outdoor pathway.  While touring Barcelona, Spain I caught a glimpse of this outdoor pathway designed by Antonio Gaudi and fell in love with it’s detail-oriented, organic style!

Which of these floor tile concepts do you love?