Gazebos are a beautiful way to add shade to your outdoor entertainment area!  These open structures feature a roof to guard you from overhead sun while you enjoy summer cocktails.  Designing the perfect gazebo for your property can be a breeze; to contact Cami Weinstein Interior Designs, LLC for a consultation, click here.

Luxury Gazebo Design Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

This gazebo is luxurious and features a pond! via

A Vintage Victorian Gazebo

Victorian Inspired Gazebo Cami Weinstein


How gorgeous is this vintage Victorian gazebo?  Just because your property did not include a gorgeous Victorian outdoor structure like this one, doesn’t mean you can’t create one inspired by it!

A Gorgeous Glass Gazebo 

Glass Gazebo Cami Weinstein


Remember the beautiful glass gazebo in The Sound of Music that we all wanted to dance in during a rainstorm?  You can have your own!  Adding a gazebo to your property can be simple, once you have a clear idea of what you want; besides, you would be able to dance, sing and host in it!

The Lake House Gazebo

Lake House Gazebo Cami Weinstein


If your lake house is your favorite retreat, adding a gorgeous gazebo by the water will only make you love it more!  Peeking through the glass, there is a quaint little set up perfect for reading or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

A Poolside Gazebo

Poolside Gazebo Cami Weinstein Designs LLC


Take your poolside experience up a notch this summer by adding a gazebo!  This beautiful gazebo design from ArchiProducts features a movable sun-screen for the roof, so you can decide how much sun is too much.

Your Garden’s Mini-Gazebo Swing

Gazebo Swing Cami Weinstein


If you love the idea of adding a gazebo to your outdoor area but are limited on space, this gazebo swing is a great idea!  The lush climbing vines are a romantic, whimsical touch.