If you are looking to remodel your house for the better consider a hardwood floor renovation!  Hardwood floors increase your home’s property value while giving your interior a timeless update.  There are so many hardwood flooring styles, it’s best to review them before your renovation begins.

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Hardwood Flooring Styles

When you’re sorting through hardwood flooring samples, remember that your floor’s appearance depends on the material it has been milled from.

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Things to consider when shopping for hardwood floors are the hardness of the wood, how the wood reacts to humidity, the wood grain pattern, plank width, how easy the wood is to install, and whether it will stand up to your lifestyle.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

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Reclaimed hardwood flooring is both eco-friendly and trendy right now.  The rustic appeal and sentimental value from reclaimed flooring gives the room a personality all its own.  Reclaimed hardwood flooring is often salvaged from barns, wine barrels and warehouses.

Pine Hardwood Flooring

Pine Hardwood Flooring Cami Weinstein

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If you are veering away from traditional hardwood flooring such as oak, walnut or mahogany, consider pine hardwood flooring.  One of the most affordable flooring options, Pine hardwood floors are quick and easy to install and feature a wide variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from!

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