“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

2015 was a year where modern minimalism met rustic traditional.  Break the new year in with fresh inspiration by varying your designs slightly; explore new color palettes, re-discover shapes, and allow yourself the freedom to create.  Today I’m going to share inspiration featuring hexagons in design!

Moroccan Tile Cami Weinstein

via remodelista.com

Hexagon Flooring

Hexagon Tiles Cami Weinstein

via artistictile.net

Hexagons naturally work well in mosaics and when placing tile!  The six-sided shape easily fits together to create a seamless traditional pattern for your bathroom floor or an intricate hardwood floor pattern.  The hardwood flooring shown below features a beautiful hexagon pattern which is both eye-catching and timeless.

Hexagon Hardwood Flooring

via alterierturner.squarespace.com

Screen Dividers & Wall Accents

Traditionally, we think of blinds, screen dividers and wall accents in a vertical movement.  Switch things up by opting for a sweeter “honeycomb” effect with hexagons!

Cami Weinstein

Patricia Urquiola for W-Hotels, Vieques island, Puerto Rico

Patricia Urquiola’s unique hexagonal blinds for W-Hotels in Viegues Island, Puerto Rico is a masterpiece!  This savvy installation is smart and gives the space a definite personality.

Ceiling Hexagons Cami Weinstein

Designed by Patricia Uquiola; via ruyteixeira.com

If you’re looking at designing an office space, consider a new wave industrial take!  Imagine these large hexagonal doors with your choice of tinted glass for a sleek, futuristic touch.

Hexagon Glass Walls Cami Weinstein

via behance.com

Furniture Design

Hexagon Stool Cami Weinstein

via dwellbeautiful.com

Integrate new ideas into your interior with hexagons in furniture design!  This is a great way to indulge your new hexagonal obsession without a complete remodeling.