A “Holiday Tea” at the Glenview Mansion which is part of the Hudson River Museum was held yesterday for the Gala Committee.  The Glenview Mansion is open during the season and beautifully decorated by Bob Pesce who has done Christmas decoration installations for both The Hudson River Museum and Lyndhurst. The Glenview Mansion overlooks the Hudson in Yonkers, NY and is a historic home from 1876. It is carefully and beautifully restored.

The Christmas decorations – fashioned to coordinate with the room that it is displayed in –  are much more opulent than historic. The decorations as well as the rooms are beautiful and a must see during the holiday season.

The two themed trees above  – a rainbow tree and a peacock tree are wonderful examples of different ways to decorate your tree.  Some other thoughts – adding feathers, fruit, and live garland to fake trees can give them a feeling of magic!