How much time do you spend doing laundry?  Revamp your laundry room design for a more organized and fresh look.  There are so many ways to upgrade your laundry room from a stressful mess to a refreshing space!  Here are some of my favorite laundry room design ideas.

Laundry Room Cami Weinstein

I love this floral accent wall! via

Create a Monochromatic Palette 

Laundry Room Design Cami Weinstein CT


If your laundry room needs a modern update, consider transitioning to a monochromatic palette.  This is a great way to leave the shabby-chic trend behind without breaking the bank!  I love the off-white shelving, gleaming tile floor and fabulous light fixtures.

Add Colorful Laundry Room Appliances

Laundry Room Appliances Cami Weinstein


Is your washer and drier nearing the end of their lifespan?  Are you looking for a more environmentally-conscious washer and drier set?  When shopping for new laundry room appliances, take a walk on the wild side and consider purchasing a colorful set.  This blue washer/drier combination is fun and stylish!

Shelve It, Stack It

Stacked Laundry Room Design


If you have limited space, but want to create a neat and functional laundry room design, stacking is the way to go!  This condensed laundry room has stackable, front-loading machines and the perfect pre-treating station.  Want to create your own custom laundry room design?  Contact me here.


Laundry Room Craft Room Cami Weinstein


Make the most out of one room by giving it dual-functionality!  This craft room doubles as a laundry room (which is a genius way to stay occupied between loads of laundry).  The hide-away storage is my favorite component!

Laundry Room Ironing Board Design Cami Weinstein


This pull-out ironing board is another genius way to keep your laundry room from being cluttered!

Add an Accent Wall

Laundry Room Stone Backsplash Cami Weinstein


Creating an accent wall in your laundry room design is a great way to change the tone of the space.  This natural stone back splash pairs beautifully with stainless steel front-loaders and natural wood accents.

Do you need help designing the perfect custom laundry room?  Contact me here!

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