I recently took a trip with my friend Jill Heller to East Hampton, New York to visit the Leiber Museum.  As an interior designer, I am always looking for new means of inspiration, and Jill is as well.  Jill is the eco fashion stylist for The Pure Thread.  I have shopped at The Pure Thread for three years, and love their eco-friendly, elegant and versatile pieces!  The Pure Thread will host their next pop-up shop at the Bedford Historical Society from Monday, October 20th through Sunday, October 26th!

Cami Jill Heller

The Pure Thread Cami Weinstein

Three times a week, the Leiber Museum showcases the masterpieces created by Judith as well as her husband, Gerson Leiber.

Leiber Museum Cami Weinstein

Photo courtesy of LeiberMuseum.org

About the Museum

In 2005, Judith and Gerson Leiber decided to house and share their creations in an accessible way, thus the Leiber Collection was born.  Bright and bold, both Judith and Gerson Leiber’s work stands out with a tongue-in-cheek quirk.  Judith Leiber’s handbags and clutches are some of the most luxurious and quirky wearable art.  I love this fish-shaped purse that was on display!

Judith Leiber Fish Bag Cami Weinstein

“Judith Leiber’s handbags are created with such exquisite workmanship and design that they transcend mere accessory,” said a curator at the Corcoran Gallery in 2003. “They become objets d’art.” (Vogue.com)

The Bag Lady of Park Avenue

Judith Leiber‘s journey did not start with handbags in mind.  Initially, Leiber was set on pursuing a career in cosmetology, but was pushed off course by World War II.  A young Jewish woman living in Budapest had limited options, and Judith seemed to choose the right one when she took an apprenticeship at a high-end handbag factory.  Judith and her husband moved to America shortly after the end of the war, and in 1963 she began her own company.

Judith Leiber Handbag 3 Cami Weinstein

The distinct styling and hand-appliqued crystals sets a Leiber creation apart from ordinary accessories.

Judith Leiber Handbag 3 Cami Weinstein

Jill and I had a marvelous time perusing the Leiber Museum!  Each of us took different aspects of design from the bright and beautiful paintings and embellished handbags.

Judith Leiber Handbag Cami Weinstein Judith Leiber Handbags 2 Cami Weinstein

An Eye for Art 

Judith’s husband Gerson was a huge supporter of Judith’s work.  Having shown promise artistically at a young age, Gerson continued to study and create before, throughout, and after World War II.  Gerson Leiber Cami WeinsteinThe extensive collection of Gerson Leiber includes sculptures, watercolor & gouache, printmaking, oil painting and much more.  Like his wife, Gerson’s style is distinct, and one wonders how lavish and extraordinary it would be to dine with the Leibers (wearing a Judith Leiber clutch, across from a Gerson Leiber painting, of course).