What’s old is new again with tile trends; today I’m making the case for cement tiles.  Before you remodel with a traditional tile design, explore the possibilities of beautiful cement tiles!  Take a look at some of these refreshing cement tile designs.

Cement Tile Flooring Cami Weinstien

via www.studio-mcgee.com

Outdoor Patio

Cement Tile Mudroom Flooring Cami Weinstein

via tabarkastudio.com

Create the ultimate outdoor area to host, rest and relax in simply by adding cement tile!  Wear and tear will only give these tiles a beautiful rustic edge.

Rustic & Retro

Aesthetic worlds collide in this rustic and retro kitchenette!  Wood beams, visible pipes and repurposed wood accents are made fresh with a pop of cement tile.  Mixed patterns work wonderfully here because all of the tones coincide for neutral (yet eye-catching) finish.

Cement Tile Design Cami Weinstein

via honestlywtf.com

Shower Serenity

Cement Tile Shower Design Cami Weinstein

via www.thesweetestoccasion.com

You step into your shower every day, why not make it your favorite place?  I love this beautiful cement tile design paired with gorgeous stainless steel hardware.  This is a renovation project that will leave you and your shower feeling refreshed.

Bathe Like Royalty

Cement Tile Bathroom Flooring Cami Weinstein

via honestlywtf.com

If you’re more of a bath person (glass of wine and bubble bath, anyone), give your bathroom floor the royal treatment.  This cement tile layout makes the modern bathtub sing and gives the illusion of a longer (and ultimately larger) space.

Make a Geometrical Statement

Cement Tile Bold Design Cami Weinstein

via mydomaine.com

Take your most basic room and make it your statement room!  Geometric tile and brass hardware make these his and her sinks look polished.  I love the subtle texture of the muted walls and the large brass-framed mirror!

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