Great architecture within a design literally sets the foundation for a tasteful environment.  Working modern staircases into your interior design adds sophistication and a sense of luxury.  These staircases are ideal for a working environment or even a beautiful studio; where do you envision these modern staircases?

Modern White Staircase Cami Weinstein

This staircase works perfectly within the space!

This modern white staircase is refreshing without imposing on the rest of the design.  This staircase is featured in a Singapore interior design business, FARM.

Glass Aquarium Staircase Cami Weinstien

I love innovative design.  This incredible staircase wraps around a beautiful circular glass aquarium; it’s so amazing, I almost didn’t notice the floating stairs!

Mimialist Modern Staircase Cami Weinstein

Minimalism is always trending.  There is great beauty in simplicity.  Everything about this interior is relaxing, from the shape of this staircase, to the cool grey and white tones used in the design.

Modern Home Staircase Cami Weinstein

I love the drawers, built into the staircase!

While the previous modern staircases in this article are lavish and ornate, this is a design that could be worked into your interior for a sleek feel.

Modern Stone Staircase Cami Weinstein

The stone wall behind the glass staircase is a perfect backdrop!

This modern staircase design is perfect for a beach house, or a house with a beautiful lake front view.  Imagine coming down the stairs for coffee and looking out over the water!

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