I encountered vast displays of Modernisme, or Catalan modernism in the architecture and art of Barcelona, Spain.  A movement which took place at the turn of the 20th century, Modernisme was the culmination of a variety of components.  Through the revival of Catalan culture, both organic and industrial inspiration, modernisme breathed new life into the art and architecture of Spain.

Casa Batllo Cami Weinstein

The exterior of the Casa Batllo; this residence is renowned for it’s extraordinary shapes taken from nature. Examples include bones, bats, reptiles, and the sea; a truly organic vision.

While in Barcelona, Spain, I toured the Casa Batllo.  The Casa Batllo is located in the center of Barcelona, and known as one of Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces.

Cami Casa Batllo Rooftop

Me on the rooftop of the Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo Cami Weinstein

This planter located in the Casa Batllo has a great tile design!

Thriving on the modernisme movement, artist and architect, Antoni Gaudi expanded on basic concepts of the culture and expanded, creating distinct, three-dimensional, organic artworks.  While vacationing in Barcelona, Spain, I noticed a great deal of nature’s shapes worked into the architectural artistry.  Brass pieces hand-crafted by  Gaudi were among my favorite elements encountered.

Gaudi Door Handle Weinstein Gaudi Robe Hook Weinstein Authentic Gaudi Peep Hole Weinstein

Today companies such as Northern Icon pay homage to Modernisme and Gaudi with replications, such as this brass peephole.


A replica of Antoni Gaudi’s peephole design, crafted by Northern Icon.

Stay tuned for more of the wonderful and inspiring things I encountered on my trip to Barcelona, Spain!  To view all of the photos from my Barcelona, Spain 2014, click here.