Organic elements always seem to catch my eye.  The juxtaposition of natural and man-made furniture and settings creates an eclectic and interesting tone.  Organic pieces of furniture are fabulous to build a design around!  Bring a sense of nature into your design with these organic elements.

Petrified Wood Table C Weinstein

Petrified-Wood Hex Side Table, One King’s Lane

One King’s Lane’s Petrified-Wood Hex Side Table is a unique shape created from an interesting medium.  Created with some of the first petrified wood specimens ever collected in the Philippines, this table features exotic patterns and textures. It would be great beside a club chair.


Carole Gratale’s
# 0409 Giacometti Inspired Rectangular Owl Table

Introduce organic elements into your design with this Carole Gratale Giacometti Inspired Rectangular Owl Table!  Whimsical and elegant, this table’s patented bronze legs entwine for a romantic effect; I love the owl perched on the side!

WheatSheaf Side Table C Weinstein

Wheat-Sheaf Side Table, One King’s Lane

Glass-top tables are classic.  This Wheat-Sheaf Side Table from One King’s Lane reminds me of glamorous Palm Beach interiors.  Mix this into your room design for a timeless yet formal update.

Tucker Robbins Stool C Weinstein

Stool, Tucker Robbins

I love the edging detail along the top of this stool by Tucker Robbins.  Add this to your study or media room for a polished and rustic detail that won’t be overlooked!

What kind of unique interior design pieces do you have in your design?