I have been thinking a lot about spaces that feel personal and upon entering them can immediately give someone a feeling about who you are and what you like. As a designer I design spaces for clients all the time and my favorite spaces to do are ones where the client really likes to get involved and collaborate. They may bring antiques passed down from their families, artwork, photography, a quirky chair that they love. All of these “treasures” make homes unique.  Homes are not like the latest outfit to be thrown together and tossed out. The latest fad or color or geometric print may not work for every client – we should not be afraid to update but we shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves and enjoy a quirky object. Don’t be afraid to add that piece into the mix!

Lately, I have been feeling that what is available to the end user is too mediocre. We are bombarded with the Big Box Stores and online retailers that offer the same look over and over again.  Do you really want your house to look like everyone else’s? To be fair who can resist an inexpensive lamp, pillow or throw to freshen a room but there is a case for beautifully made products that can stand the test of time. If you are just starting out and funds are tight definitely decorate from less expensive sources but as time goes on – upgrade.  Call a professional – we love to make spaces beautiful and unique!

If orange is the in color this year – or season — fill a vase with beautiful vibrant tiger lilies or deep orange roses — but you don’t have to go on an all out orange spree and have everything that you own in the “in” color. Believe me — you will be bored with your home within a couple of years and it will begin to feel dated. Unless you love orange!! In that case – go for it!!