With the recent recall of Ikea furniture due to its unsafe standards and handful of fatalities, now is the ideal time to discuss the importance of purchasing quality furniture.  While it seems like a good idea to opt for a quick-fix piece of furniture, the repercussions of an unreliable item can be more of a hassle than a solution.  As an interior designer, I understand the importance of selecting pieces for my client’s which are reliable as well as fashionable.


Recalled Ikea dressers; ikea.com

View Ikea’s list of recalled chests and dressers here.

The Danger of Flimsy Furniture


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If you have purchased particle-board furniture before, you know that its flimsy, lightweight construction is obvious.  At the time of purchase it may seem like a good option as a filler-piece in your interior, but I want to address the lifespan of that item; a piece of furniture built from particle-board is not built to last.  When an inexpensive piece of furniture breaks, where does it end up?  The Environmental Protection Agency cautions against the burning of particle board or plywood, as it releases toxic chemicals.

Furniture Solutions

Mahogany Armoire Cami Weinstein

This antique armoire is beautiful and chic!

When shopping for quality furniture, there are a few ways to approach the purchase.  Antiquing and browsing consignment stores is a fabulous way to give a second life to well-made pieces of furniture.

Rustic Media Armoire Cami Weinstein

This rustic media room armoire is traditional and classic.

There are countless armoires, dining room tables and dressers made with quality craftsmanship just waiting to be discovered.  Estate sales are also a wonderful way to acquire beautiful pieces of furniture that will last, while on a budget.

Antique Furniture Cami Weinstein

Federal Serpentine Inlaid Mahogany Bureau, circa 1800 via 1stdibs.com