Distinct and luxurious, stone is one of those materials that add beautiful detail to any home.  There are about as many types of stone as there are interior styles, making it an ideal choice for customizing a unique space.  I love the natural variations in stone!

stone slab

The combination of textures and colors is inspiring!

yellow onyx tilestone tile

Designing with Stone

You can use stone on floors and walls.  Add drama to an interior with a stone accent wall!  From a practical aspect, stone is durable and, when properly cared for, will last many years.  I love the natural essence stone brings to the reception area and bathroom pictured below.

stone accent wall 2

I love this beautiful green stone wall highlighting the receptionist area.

stone accent wallstone slab 3

Integrating Nature into Your Design

Any form of stone brings a great texture to a room.  Whether you choose stone tiles or an interesting accent piece such as a stone topped table, a rough stone or a more a polished piece, bringing stone into your home creates a reflection of the natural world.  Stone can be rustic or modern, classic or trendy, depending entirely on which stone you choose and how it is applied.

longhi layer table

These stone slabs are framed with gold and used as a luxurious table top!

matchbooked marble

Stone flooring is versatile and beautiful!


This stone features natural variations in the pattern and texture, creating a unique material to work into an interior design!

What is your favorite stone look for an interior?