Do you love antiques and modern design? If you do, it is time to mix them together. It’s time to add a modern twist to traditional. Take a look at these rooms that make the classics feel fresh. This design is used for those who love the past but also love the comforts of modern life.

“New traditional: an homage to classic decorating with a breezy air” -gorgeous modern spin on the traditional home

Traditional furniture and décor has plenty of history and can be quite beautiful. Having antique furniture can often look overdone. It can feel rather heavy, dark, and dated. By adding a modern style, the home design will have a clean and exciting vibe. This blend of the old and the new celebrates the best of each, creating a look that is both timeless and timely.


New traditional kitchen, with bright gold and brass lanterns, circa lighting in the ceilings, vintage navy blue and pink Persian runner, bikini stools, brushed brass hardware and white glass front cabinets.

What Americans once thought of as traditional is rooted in English country style, with its matched sets of furniture, saturated colors, multiple patterns, and heavy layers of window treatments and accessories. But modern life has changed how rooms are used and what to expect from them.


Passed down from Mandy’s grandmother, an antique mahogany china cabinet­ makes a striking, unexpected statement—so much so that it almost overshadows 
the beautiful cast-iron claw-foot tub—in this master bathroom.

The design scheme is a fresh take on countryside style, with a palette of whites and a statement rug. Whites are often used in New Traditional design. White represents purity or innocence, doctors and nurses wear it to imply sterility. White is bright and can create a sense of space or add highlights. This is why the rooms are often painted completely white. It is considered to be a summer color. Because of its neutrality, it is popular in fashion and decorating.


Look We Love: The New Traditional | Apartment Therapy

Contrasting colors also draw attention to the form of the piece. Staid brass tacks are another way to update an old piece of furniture.

Dining Room

This traditional New Orleans dining room has a chinoiserie mural of the Louisiana swamp, silk drapes, wooden table and console tables, upholstered white chairs and an ornate chandelier.

Seemingly disparate pieces of furniture come together with a casually unified color scheme. Burgundy, dark green, and indigo make way for sage, celadon, sky or aqua blue, wheat, and white, mixed with chocolate brown for contrast. Upholstery still references historic shapes but seats are now large enough for sinking in and lying down.


New Traditional decor is all about layering unique wares in an edited fashion. For the most part, upholstery is kept neutral, allowing for artwork and accessories to take center stage – via Apartment Therapy

The prevalence of neutral hues in new traditional style doesn’t mean washed out and boring. For eye-catching accents, try citrus hues. Walls are unique antique salvaged mirrors, sconces, and, in some cases, architectural remnants. Salon groupings of artwork are usually done in matching frames, for a tailored look. Special oil paintings, impressionistic portraits, or landscapes are usually hung on their own so as not to compete with other decor. Drawings, architectural studies or botanical prints framed simply with over-sized mats seem to be a popular choice.