2015 marks the 13th year of The New York Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show!  This year’s presentation drew your attention upward to admire the beauty of orchids assembled in breathtaking chandeliers.  I was absolutely inspired by the vibrant colors and ornate arrangements!

New York Botaincal GardensSpring 2015 Color Inspiration

New York Botanical Gardens

This fuchsia and orange ombre orchid is beautiful!

From saffron to fuschia, The New York Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show featured a varied color palette that was both delicate and bold.

New York Botaincal Gardens

Don’t let these delicate blooms fool you, orchids are able to survive in multiple environments.

Orchids are also an amazing plant species to study, due to their ability to survive in such contrasting eco-systems.  Found in both desert environments and rainforests, the orchid thrives in many environments.  Orchids have adapted and evolved in various environments to survive and reproduce.  In result of this continual evolution, orchids grow in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes!

The Exotic Orchid

NY Botanical Gardens Orchid Cami Weinstein
Orchids are known to represent luxury, beauty and stregnth.  This exotic ornamental plant was also a symbol of virility in ancient Greece!  The ancient Greeks believed that if large, new orchid tubers were consumed before a marriage was consumated, the wife would become pregnant with a male.  How fascinating!
New York Botaincal Gardens
From an interior designer’s standpoint, adding orchids to a room add instant life and color.  Give your living room or office a burst of color featuring this versatile ornamental flower!

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