One of spring 2015’s trending designs are salon style walls!  I love the idea of creating a vignette (or grouping) of artwork as a refreshing take on the classic accent wall idea!

It’s All About the Frames

Cami Weinstein SalonStyleWalls

Simple artwork inside heavy frames makes for a perfect balance

There are two ways to begin mapping out your salon style walls.  Juxtapose simple doodles and minimalistic art within an ornate frame.  This use of negative space will keep your salon style wall from becoming too overwhelming and cluttered.

Simple Frames and Black And White Photography 

Office Salon Style Wall Cami Weinstein

Sleek and chic! Perfect for an office.

Give your design the opposite effect with photographic art in simple and sleek frames!  Transform a dull office with simple Ikea frames.  I love this design; the black and white photos don’t overwhelm the room and the fresh flowers add a perfect pop of femininity.

Theme it Out

Portrait Salon Style Walls Cami Weinstein

About face, anyone?

Give your salon style walls a theme, like this interior.  Ideal for a history buff or a traditional New England home, portraits add a regal tone.

 The Mud Room, Refined

Mud Room Sun Room Cami Weinstein

How sweet is this salon style wall?

Give your mud room or your sun room some love!  Adding a salon style wall can transform your miscellany of gardening supplies and extraneous outdoor accessories a fresh feel.

Is the salon style wall trend for you?  Try it out!

For more inspiration, view my other favorite salon style walls on my Pinterest board here.