Winter retreats are the perfect place to relax and recharge!  Create the perfect ambiance in your winter retreat with inspiration from my favorite getaways; from ski retreats to cozy cabins, you’re going to love these welcoming winter interiors.

The Ski Retreat:  Room with a View

Ski Retreat Cami Weinstien


After a day of skiing beautiful snowy slopes, coming back to the perfect ski retreat is the perfect ending to a perfect day!  When shopping for the perfect ski retreat, a view is the most valuable accessory; how beautiful are these high ceilings and windows? The stone floor mimics the texture of the mountains, and fresh flowers give a cheerful hello.

Aspen Home Cami Weinstein


American heiress, Aerin Lauder’s Aspen retreat is elegant without being ostentatious.  Creamy couches, fur blankets as well as wooden and wicker accents warm the space and beckon you to unwind.

The Winter Cabin:  Textural Wonderland

A traditional winter cabin is filled with homey keepsakes, thick blankets and warm textiles.  The natural wool throw rug by the wood stove and layered pillows and blankets offer complete comfort.

Log Cabin Cami Weinstein


Cabin Porch Cami Weinstein


I love the feeling this picture is giving!  Sheepskin, fur and wood keep the cabin rustic, while an updated light fixture gives a more contemporary feel.

What is a winter cabin without an outdoor fire pit?  This fire pit is an easy DIY project which will yield many warm laughs and memories.

Cabin Fire Pit Cami Weinstein


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