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Surviving Sandy

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October 29-30, 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast with a ferocity not seen in our area in recent times. It was devastating! Fortunately, our houses remained intact with minor damage. We did lose electricity for about two weeks and we huddled together with friends and relatives offering heat and food to friends without. It was like camp for adults! We were cooking together and dragging blow-up mattresses, comforters, pillow and pets from house to house in search of heat and hot showers!

In the Spring my husband was asked by Janet Langsam, CEO of ArtsWestchester to curate a show at the ArtsWestchester Gallery. He has curated a show before for them but this one was different. It would be open to everyone. It was a huge success and on opening night many guests filled the room with photos and stories of their own personal survival during the storm and the documenting of the destruction.

The parents and friends of Pascack Valley Learning Center was creating a book of the storm events and asked Janet if they could use some of the photos from the show that Marc had curated. One of Marc’s photos of the rough seas in Montauk near our home was used.  (We headed out to Montauk once the bridges opened to make sure our home out there was ok – thankfully it was in good shape – we never lost electricity!)

The book Surviving Sandy is a powerful reminder of those awful days and a testament to human courage, caring for others and rebuilding lives and homes of those devastated by the storm. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to organizations providing relief to victims and toward rebuilding – 1 year later many areas are still devastated and need help!

On a happier note – I just heard it is going to be in the 60’s this Halloween – after two years of cancelled Halloween we are delighted to be welcoming trick-or-treaters to our home!

Decorating on a Budget!

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Prospective client’s often ask – Are you expensive? How much do you charge for your services? etc. The first thing a client should ask themselves is – what is my overall budget. Is it a realistic budget for what I’d like to achieve. If I needed to compromise – where would I compromise?

Often people think designers are more expensive  to use  – and after a few mistakes designing on their own they  realize they aren’t.  Designers can often produce a project on time and within budget if everyone is clear about what the goals and budget of the project are.  And if  a designer is reputable they should also be fair and not promise the moon on a very tight budget. Designer’s know where budgets can be reined in and where a client must “bite the bullet” to achieve project completion and enjoyment.


Fall Themed Pumpkin DisplaySpending time on the East End this past weekend was fun. Montauk had their annual Community Day and Chowder Contest. Which was won by Sole East for – I believe – for the Third year in a row!

Of course, we were not coming home without our pumpkins. We love stopping at the farm stands for pies, fruit, veggies and flowers and this time of year — Pumpkins!

Once home – it’s easy to put some pumpkins together for a display. I put mine on a silver antique tray – I love these white pumpkins which look great in my living room but would look equally beautiful on a spare modern table.