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5 Restaurant Dining Rooms I Love

The real experience of dining out combines both the food and environment.  Here are 5 restaurant dining rooms I love that add ambiance to a perfect meal!

1. Les Haras (France), Interior Design by Jouin Manku

Les Haras (France) Jouin Manku

The scrolling staircase in Les Haras is a show stopper.  This staircase teeters on being a piece of functional art, drawing your eye at first glance.  The tonal values of the interior are neutral and timeless, giving the environment a chic, artistic vibe.

2. The Blue Fin Restaurant (New York), Interior Design by Yabu Pushellberg

The Blue Fin Restaurant W Times Square Wall Surface Interiors Interior design Yabu Pushellberg

Go ahead, gawk at the undulating textured wall of The Blue Fin Restaurant in New York; it’s amazing!  Reminiscent of sand patterns at the beach, The Blue Fin Restaurant’s interior designer, Yabu Pushellberg gives the room a personality.  Other things to note include the smart lighting worked into the wall design, and 3-D details such as the swooping black birds over the neutral furniture.

3.  A Cantina (Galacia, Spain), Interior Design by Esuido Nomada

A Cantina in Galicia, Spain by Esudio Nomada. Photo by Héctor Santos-Díez. Interesting, graphic, dramatic.

Interesting, graphic, and dramatic, A Cantina’s interior design incorporates a strategic display of woodwork to create a whimsical room!  The beams of wood reach from the ceiling to the floor, working into the table legs.  I love the branch-like accompaniments reaching out, off the top of the wood beams!

4.  Cecconi’s (Miami, Florida), Interior Design by Martin Brudnizki

Cecconi's, a restaurant in Miami designed by Martin Brudnizki.

Miami’s restaurant, Cecconi’s has constructed an ethereal environment like no other.  Elegant table settings juxtapose with dreamy mason jar-lighting, and actual trees are worked seamlessly into the room’s furniture layout.  Martin Brudnizki’s blend of indoor and outdoor elements is seamless.

5.  The Inn at Pound Ridge (Claremont, WA), Interior Designed by Thomas Juul- Hansen


Last but not least is The Inn at Pound Ridge by Jean-Georges, located in Pound Ridge, New York!  I have had dinner at The Inn at Pound Ridge several times, and love the fresh farm-to-table cuisine.  What sets this restaurant apart is the transformation it has undergone, from a residence, to an inn!  The upstairs is chic and incorporates clean lines, while the downstairs is warm and cozy; the Inn at Pound Ridge is truly the ideal casual yet elegant dining experience!

Mary Colby’s Gallery Opening

I went to my dear friend Mary Colby’s  Gallery Opening on Friday October 17th.  The featured work was her own latest pieces and pieces by
Don Leicht.

Mary Colby Gallery Sign

Don is a painter and sculptor and visual artist – he is showing his Space Invaders – I love them they would look great in a game room or family room!

Don Leicht Space Invaders

Don Leicht Space Invaders

 Mary has been a long time collaborator of mine – to subsidize her personal painting work she is also an amazing Faux Painter and we have worked on
many successful projects together.  However she is now primarily concentrating on her own work.

Mary Colby Cami Weinstein

Her work blew me away – it’s so incredibly beautiful – It has wonderful depth and I can get lost in thought  looking at her pieces.  I wanted them all!!
There are not many pieces of art that I feel that way about – as a friend who is an artist said “There are ocean’s of art”  Ahh – so true – but so much of it
is awful or mediocre at best.
Mary Colby Cami Weinstein
At the opening party many artists came up to me wanting to introduce me to their work and try to get their pieces placed in the homes I decorate.  This has been on going
over the years — So many talented artists, so many client’s who want art but are afraid to purchase or cannot understand the value of having art in their lives or
if they do –  they purchase commercial art, giclee’s (just prints) or bad art.  I usually try to stay out of the art purchasing arena for clients and many client’s have
their own art dealers – many of whom are so wonderful to work with.  Personally – I collect art and always have. I’ve had more art than furniture – funny me saying that but
it’s true!
Mary Colby Cami Weinstein
I went home and could not fall asleep – I kept pondering – is there a way to bridge this gap?  Is there a way to make client’s comfortable with purchasing art – how to make them
understand that these truly talented artists spend much of their free time working, learning, looking to see things differently and their art is worth looking at and purchasing.
While some of us are watching TV these artists are working – problem solving to complete their work in whatever medium they have chosen.  The creative cycle cannot be silenced
it takes coming back to again and again whether or not you achieve any recognition. It has value!

Mary Colby Cami Weinstein

To demystify the experience I have decided to offer a new service in addition to my interior design services – After carefully curating different artist’s and their work I will select
pieces for your home, review them with you in your environment, select frames and get the pieces hung up – where you can enjoy them and bring some Art home and enjoy
living with it.  If you are looking for more of an art investment situation I have several dealers to recommend, this is more of the ability to buy beautiful pieces and enjoy the process.
Look for upcoming events I will host to get “Art on your Walls”.
As Marc and I were getting to leave the gallery Mary rushed over and said “Wait – this is for you – I painted it and it was you – I said – it’s Cami!”.  I was so touched and looked at the
delicate painting and was as completely charmed as ever by Mary and her amazing warmth and talent — It’s truly a wonderful treasure from a much loved friend!
Cami Weinstein by Mary Colby

Cami Weinstein by Mary Colby

For more information on the paintings you can contact either me or Mary Colby directly.  To visit the Gallery – It’s Open on Saturdays  –  276 City Island Avenue – Bronx, NY
Cami Weinstein914-238-5978
Mary Colby – 917-804-4509

Game Tables

With the weather becoming brisk, game tables are a fantastic way to entertain comfortably indoors!  Ideal in a living room, game tables are a multifunctional surface that adds more life to your living room.  Up your rooms game with a stylish game table the whole family can use!  Which of my favorite game tables would you include in your interior design?

1.  4502-36 Marchand Game Table, Nancy Corzine

Marchand Game Nancy Corzine Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of

This square African Walnut-finished game table from Nancy Corzine is so elegant and timeless.  As always, Nancy Corzine’s interior embellishments seamlessly blend modern living with classic elegance.

2.  Chaddock Collection Laslo Game Table (Leather), Chaddock Home


Images Courtesy of

The game table your in-home bar has been missing, this leather-top Laslo Game Table features gold tooling as well as four drawers and nickel cup holders.  Transition from cocktails to cards easily while hosting during this upcoming holiday season!

3.  French Game Table, 1st Dibs

French Game Table Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of

1st Dibs features an amazing variety of collectible furniture pieces for your home or business.  This French Game Table’s beautiful mahogany wood gleams, and the dark rosewood marquetry is simply lovely.

4.  Polished Brass Backgammon Table, 1st Dibs

Polished Brass Backgammon Table Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of

Not to be put in the corner, this Polished Brass Backgammon Table from 1st Dibs is glamorous!  Made in 1970’s Italy, this Hollywood Regency-style game table is a one-of-a-kind piece in excellent condition!

5.  Chaddock Collection Balboa Table, Chaddock Home

Chaddock Home Table Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of

Chaddock Home is a truly excellent company which makes customization of your Chaddock Collection Balboa Table possible; choose from a table top of leather, vinyl, or hair on hide!  Designed and crafted in the U.S.A., this game table is a refreshing addition which transitions easily from den to dining room!