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Asian Influence

Infuse your interior with a touch of Asian influence!  Ornate patterns, gorgeous Chinoiserie and bold color palettes give your room a fresh feel.


via Decoholic

Asian Influence: Bold Color


via Motley Decor


via Erika Ward

via Traditional Home

via Traditional Home


via Design Chic

Does your interior currently have a neutral palette?  Break it up with bold colors; bright yellows, burning reds and gorgeous emeralds can revitalize your room.  Never underestimate how a bold color palette can inspire the rest of your design!

Screens & Room Dividers


I love this dramatic, textured screen via

via The French Tangerine

via The French Tangerine

via Interact China

via Interact China

If you have a large room, consider breaking it up with a beautiful Asian inspired screen!  Elaborately-detailed screens make for luxurious details, especially when placed in a corner.


Give your living room or study a zen feel with wide-set furniture that sits close to the ground.

Give your living room or study a zen feel with wide-set furniture that sits close to the ground.

via Architecture Art Designs

via Architecture Art Designs



Tracey Hollywood Regency Navy Blue Lacquer Nightstand Cabinet via Kathy Kuo Home

Tracey Hollywood Regency Navy Blue Lacquer Nightstand Cabinet via Kathy Kuo Home

I love antiquing and the thrill of finding a unique piece for a client’s interior.  Combining an antique with something sleek and modern creates an elegant aesthetic.

Find more ideas on my “Asian Influences in Interiors” Pinterest board here.

Winter Antiques Show

The Winter Antiques Show was held at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory from January 20th – January 29th.  A vast display of exemplary art, rare antiques and innovative designs, The Winter Antiques Show always leaves me inspired.  This year’s exhibit was extraordinarily stunning.

Winter Antiques Show 2017

Winter Antiques Show 2017

About The Winter Antiques Show


The Winter Antiques Show is held at the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City, NY.  This show is an excellent way for new and established collectors, curators, dealers and design professionals to connect and share inspiration.  While one third of the show’s exhibitors specialize in Americana, the rest feature English, European and Asian fine and decorative arts.  Each item displayed is available for purchase, making the experience all the more worthwhile, as I can shop for my clients while I browse!  

Sculptural Lighting


Winter Antiques Show 2017

Sculptural lighting is a win-win!  This bold piece’s functionality creates adds to the concrete element of aestheticism while setting an ambiance.  I would love to feature this piece in a client’s home library or study; it would work fabulously in a modern living room as well!

Transitional Elegance

Winter Antiques Show 2017

Winter Antiques Show 2017

One of my favorite elements of The Winter Antiques Show is the stark contrast of items which are displayed.  The Winter Antiques Show is proud to feature everything from “Egyptian antiquities to American folk art to postwar Italian art glass”.  The juxtaposition of available inspiration leaves much to the imagination.

Winter Antiques Design Show 2017

Winter Antiques Design Show 2017

The detailing on this wrought iron piece is beautiful!  


Winter Antiques Show 2017

I could admire this intricate sculpture forever.  After browsing the selection, I am left brimming with ideas and inspiration.  If you attended this show, what which were your favorite pieces?  Tweet your thoughts at me “@camidesigns”


Palm Tree Glam

The energy and beauty of Palm Beach, Florida is amazing.  Decorating with coastal themes is always fun, especially when I can incorporate some palm tree glam!  Dress up your Palm Beach residence or beach house with some of these fun ideas.


I love the airy sheer drapery panels in this tropical sun room.
Via Roomzaar

Inspiration, Nature


via Architectural Digest

Citrus-themed color palettes compliment bright green palm trees and bright pool-blues.  I love drawing from the surrounding area to garner inspiration for my client’s design.


Florida Vibes via Mindfood

Creamy stucco and crisp white linens are the perfect compliment when building your Palm Beach inspiration palette as well.

Palm Tree Glam:  Linens


via Diego Enrique Finol

Give your master bedroom a tropical touch with palm tree prints and beachy linens.


via Target

Palm Tree Glam:  Furniture


Palm Tree Upholstered Furniture via Etsy

Break up the monotony of your living room with printed furniture!  A piece of printed furniture can make your interior feel more eclectic and original.  Consider having one of your favorite chairs re-upholstered with a hand-selected print; this is one of my favorite ways to bring an old piece back to life.

Palm Tree Glam:  Details


Pre-owned French White Plaster Palm Torchere tropical-table-lamps; via Houzz

It’s the little things that make all the difference.  When I see a great piece, I make sure to pick it up.  Antique shops are a great place to find one-of-a-kind details.


via Dpages

This beautiful Palmyra Lamp was designed by Syrette Lew, of Moving Mountains.



Create your own beach-themed terrarium for a beautiful beach house display; the little flamingos are so cute!


via Travelshopa

Discover more inspirations for your Palm Beach interior on my Palm Tree Pinterest board here.

Bringing Plants Into Your Decor

Say goodbye to your winter doldrums by bringing plants into your decor!  There are so many health and aesthetic benefits of indoor plants, making them the perfect addition to your interior.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.


I love this cute display of basil in teacups; via A Cultivated Nest.

Health Benefits of Bringing Plants Into Your Decor


via Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

When you feel good in an environment, the positive association makes you want to spend more time there.  Plants help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, reduce airborne dust levels, increase humidity and keep temperatures down. Though you may not immediately feel the change in your environment, keeping a few indoor plants definitely boosts the mood.

Trendy Terrariums


Terrarium via The Future Kept

Terrariums are the perfect way to make a tabletop space interesting and unique!  This easy DIY will definitely be a conversation starter and inspire your friends.  Get creative when selecting your terrarium glassware; there are so many different styles.


Planetarium Terrarium, Anthropologie

Succulents are easy to care for, and come in a variety of shapes and colors.   Mix and match your succulents for an original display!


Hanging Terrariums via Homeedit

Take your terrarium to new heights!  Dangling displays draw the eye upward and are a great way to fill an awkward corner.

The Statement Plant


via Apartment Therapy

Replace an unused lamp or extra side table with a statement plant!  Large leaves give the room a fresh feeling and can make winter seem eons away.


A Fiddle Leaf Fig via The Decor Fix

This beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree perfectly compliments this space.  Read how to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree alive and happy from The Decor Fix here.

What are your ideas on bringing plants into your decor?  Share your ideas with me on Twitter; tweet at “@camidesigns”!