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The Chaise Lounge

The chaise lounge is originally thought to have been a Egyptian daybed, as many examples have been found as 1st century artifacts.  A long, elegant chair-like sofa, “chaise lounge” refers to any long, reclining chair in modern French.  There are three primary styles of the chaise lounge, all ideal to add an air of sophistication to a room while lounging comfortably.  Put your feet up and relax on these fabulous pieces:

Baker Furniture Sensei Series Cami Weinstein

Equally at home in either the bedroom or anywhere alternate seating might be required; the shape is more retro than either traditional or contemporary.

1.  The Duchesse Brisé is a style of chaise lounge which is divided in two parts  including either a chair and a long footstool, or two chairs with a stool between them. Cami Weinstein The Duchesse Brisé

An example of a classic The Duchesse Brisé.
Image courtesy

2.  The Récamier, named after French socialite, Madame Recamier, is an elegant piece of furniture with two raised ends and no side detail. Often associated with the French Neoclassical style, this chaise lounge design is ideally placed in a drawing room, versus a bedroom.


Madame Récamier lounging on the chaise lounge which was eventually named after her.

3.  The Méridienne features a high head rest which slopes downward to a lower footrest.  This classic chaise lounge style was most popular in the lavish homes of 19th century France, and is still just as luxurious and popular today!

Alana Chaise, Saffron Cami Weinstein

The Alana Chaise in Saffron, from

Today, designers build upon these classic silhouettes to create architectural, contemporary, elegant, and functional pieces.

One Kings Lane Andrew Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

The Andrew 71″ Velvet Day Chaise, Tangerine from

This tangerine velvet chaise lounge from The Kristin Drohan Collection from One King’s Lane is so versatile; accessories and placement transform this piece from crisp and modern to soft and vintage.

Jacques Garcia Baker Furniture Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of

A variation of the Méridienne, this chaise lounge designed by Jacques Garcia features fine detailing in both the wood and upholstery.

Harbor Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of McGuire Furniture

Harbor Chaise Lounge Cami Weinstein

Image courtesy of McGuire Furniture

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor lounging, the Harbor Chaise Lounge from McGuire Furniture is inviting and tres chic!

View my entire selection of hand-picked chaise lounge favorites on my “Chaise Lounge” Pinterest board here.


Floor Tile Concepts

Fresh floor tile concepts can set a great style foundation for your interior design.  When revamping your space, considering the long-term design versatility of your flooring leaves room for fabulous fresh decor all year long.  Tile is a fantastic flooring option due to the vast array of materials and assortment of displays you can choose from!  Which of these floor tile concepts is your favorite?

1.  The Herringbone

Walker Zanger Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Walker Zanger

This herringbone flooring layout featuring Walker Zanger ‘s “Zapala” stone tile is a fresh take on contemporary traditional interior decor.  The neutral tones in the tile set the tone for a relaxing and cozy space while the herringbone pattern adds a bit of intrigue.  Try this look in your bedroom, guest room, or an elegant lake house living room.

2.  Elegant Octogonal

Elegant Octogonal Walker Zanger C Weinstein

Photo Courtesy of Walker Zanger

Do you have a room with a large open floor plan?  Take advantage of your spacious abode with an elegant octogonal mosaic layout for a stately finish!  This design features stone tile; the natural variations of color and pattern within stone tile makes it an exemplary choice for a large space, such an an opulent entryway!

3.  The Continuous Monogram Corner

Waterworks Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Waterworks

Never settle for a dull design!  Customize each detail of your flooring tile concept down to the corner; w0rking a continuous monogram design into your pattern is a great way to leave your mark on your design.

4. Gaudy Gaudi-style

Antoni Gaudi Cami Weinstein

I took a photo of this amazing floor design by Antoni Gaudi while in Barcelona, Spain!

Channel your inner-artist and create a colorful floor concept like this Antoni Gaudi creation, from Barcelona, Spain.  While visiting Barcelona with my husband, I fell in love with Gaudi’s organic-detailing.  Create a mesmerizing mud room or add a flourish to your kitchen space utilizing luxury ceramic tiles!

5.  Accessorize the Border

Waterworks Border Cami Weinstein

Waterworks’ Aqualinea Carnegie Petite Border

Aqualinea Solid Spiral Key Petite Border

Waterworks’ Aqualinea Solid Spiral Key Petite Border

De-lineate your strict floor plan with a chic accent border!  I love the idea of adding additional intrigue to your space with these borders from Waterworks; feature a pattern you like between solid tiles to break up your color scheme, or outline your room to establish a working space.  These waterjet cut pieces are assembled into pattern mosaics by hand, and the contrasting finishes and or stone colors create texture and balance.

6.  The Outdoor Pathway

Outdoor Path Antoni Gaudi Cami Weinstein

An outdoor path designed by Antoni Gaudi, in Barcelona, Spain.

Who said your flooring concepts are limited to your interior?  Lead the way to your backyard relaxation space with an outdoor pathway.  While touring Barcelona, Spain I caught a glimpse of this outdoor pathway designed by Antonio Gaudi and fell in love with it’s detail-oriented, organic style!

Which of these floor tile concepts do you love?

5 Perfect Sconces

Set the tone of your room with the perfect sconce!  Here are 5 perfect sconces which will brighten up your wall space while perfectly accenting your furniture and environment!  Which mood best fits your design?


Vaughan Designs Sconce C Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Vaughan Design

What is more whimsical than this rosy Twig Down Light from Vaughan Designs?  This works perfectly in a bedroom or library for an extra element of pretty.


1st Dibs Sconce Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Who says the crystal should stay on the table?  Add an air of classic sophistication to your dining room decor with an elegant pair of gilt and rock crystal two-arm sconces from 1st Dibs!


Pierre Guariche Sconce C Weinstein

Image Courtesy of 1st Dibs

Set this modern light fixture above your favorite reading chair in your study!  Pierre Guariche’s Articulating Wall Sconce from 1st Dibs will give just the right amount of aesthetic, and features a full 180 degree movement.


Holly Hunt Light Cami Weinstein

Image Courtesy of Holly Hunt

Holly Hunt’s Crystal Block Sconce is minimal, functional, and versatile!  The possibilities of such a compact and design-neutral light fixture make this a perfect addition to your hallways.

Art Deco

Art Deco 1st Dibs Cami Weinstein

Photo Courtesy of 1stDibs

Define your design with antique art deco sconces like these glamorous Art Deco Skyscraper Style Frosted Glass Sconces by Sabino.  Each sconce features a fluted centerpiece set in polished nickel frames; simply beautiful.