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The Montauk House

Montauk is one of my favorite places to visit.  When a client reached out with hopes of giving her Montauk home a much needed update, I was thrilled!  Combining personal and traditional elements we created a beautiful, welcoming environment.

Living Room Details, Montauk House Design by Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

The Montauk House

Living Room Details, Montauk House Design by Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

Montauk has a soothing energy that instantly relaxes you.  It was important for my client for her design to be sophisticated yet welcoming.  We decided to feature a natural color palette to bring the outdoors in for a seamless transition.

Bathroom Design

Bathroom Details, Montauk House Design by Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

The bathroom should be fresh and inviting; a place for privacy.  Bathrooms are one of the major selling points of a home, and tend to have a lot of foot traffic.  This bathroom’s wallpaper makes a statement without overwhelming the space.  Rich, glossy tile and fresh grout make the backsplash pop and lead your eyes to shiny hardware.  The mirror adds a contemporary, geometric touch; I love the simple detail of this mirror.

Living Room Design

Living Room Details, Montauk House Design by Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

My client’s Montauk house is close to the beach, which makes wicker the ultimate accent.  The wicker coffee table and large area rug ground the design, while white accents add a fresh pop.  Before we began mapping out the living room, my client emphasized that this was the room friends and family would spend a majority of their time in (aside from the kitchen, of course).  Working with a neutral palette set the tone for relaxation, making the room the ultimate chill hangout.

Dining Room Design

The Montauk house’s dining room before the grasscloth wallpaper installation.

How elegant! The dining room’s finished look.

One of my favorite ways to add glamour to a room is with custom wallcoverings.  One of my favorite fabrics to work with is grasscloth, specifically from Phillip Jeffries!  The Montauk house’s dining room featured gorgeous bay windows for maximum lighting, adding all the more to the wallpaper’s luster.

Bedroom Details

Bedroom Details, Montauk House Design by Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

Once the house’s major rooms were outfitted, it was time for the bedroom.  Because the majority of the house featured natural beiges and crisp whites, we decided the bedroom should be a little more eclectic.  The ikat-inspired duvet cover is a bold black and white print we both loved instantly.  Patterned sheets add a subtle mix of pattern play, while  bedside accents are bursting with color.  I loved this bedside table’s hardware and rich blue tone and thought it paired wonderfully with this acidic green lamp.

To explore more of my projects, you can view my portfolio here.

Woven Wooden Shades

Lighting changes a room’s tone completely.  Woven wooden shades are a wonderful way to update your home while subtly adjusting the lighting.  These gorgeous woven wooden shades are ideal for your Connecticut home.

The Shade Store

Bedroom Lighting

Provenance® by Hunter Douglas

Provenance® by Hunter Douglas

Transition your bedroom from the excitement of summer to cozy fall warmth with woven wooden shades.  I love the natural element they bring to a room.  The Woven Woods collection from Hunter Douglas provide a warm, natural look.  This collection features a variety of shades to match your bedroom design.

Home Office Inspiration

Winston's Collection

Winston’s Collection

Refreshing your home office is a great way to stay inspired and boost productivity.  Give your work space a seasonal update along with the rest of your home!  This interior ties the furniture and area rug design in with their window coverings for a complete, finished look.  Furnishings inspired by nature seem to have a calming effect, making them optimal for a home office.

Bathroom Refresh


via HomeAdore

Vacation may be over, but your bathroom is an instant spa!  A bathroom refresh is all you need to infuse your home with lake house inspiration.  Woven wooden shades are a necessary accessory when calling back to memories of beach life and summer relaxation.


via Indulgy

Explore more ways to incorporate woven wooden shades into your interior with my Pinterest board!

Modular Home Install Day

Wow!  I can’t believe modular home install day has finally arrived!  It’s a big day for the house I am working on in Montauk!  The day started on an early note; a total of 5 pieces were to be moved to the location and completed.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC 03

We spent the day watching as each piece was carefully placed into position.  This was a tough site to work on; it’s narrow and has a lot of low-hanging electrical wires.  It was decided that it would be best if each piece was brought under the wires, then lifted and spun 180 degrees to be set in the proper place.  It was a fun and fascinating day!

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

About Modular Homes

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

There’s a little bit you should know about modulars.  The modular homes of today can be completely customized to meet both aesthetic and town-code restrictions.  This modular was designed with architect Christopher Hull, of CAH Architects in Cos Cob, CT and myself.  Working with Chris was a pleasure;  he really listens to what the client is looking for and works to meet their specific goals.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Jon Sirkin of Hampton Modular and his team are taking care of the construction.   Hampton Modular is fantastic to work with; they are  open to new ideas and go to great lengths to make their clients happy.  It’s a pleasure working with Hampton Modular and such a personable construction company is truly a rare find.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Jon has just opened another office in Greenwich, known as Greenwich Modular.  As a designer I am delighted to work with such a great team and so glad this home design option was explored!

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Now that the pieces of the modular home are set into position, completion will only take a few months.  During these months, finishing touches will be put onto the modular home.  I can’t wait to see the final result!  Stay tuned as we take you through this project through completion.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

For More Information, Contact:

CAH Architecture and Design, LLC

Greenwich Modular

78 Valley Road, Cos Cob, CT 06807


Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

37 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830

Designing a Modular Home

I’m currently designing a modular home, which is very exciting!  Modular home design has come a long way; there are so many ways to personalize your layout.

Modular Home Factory Cami Weinstein LLC

Designing a Modular Home:  Montauk

Montauk Beach New York

The beaches in Montauk are breathtaking; via

Montauk is the perfect vacation spot.  Recently a client asked for my assistance in designing their modular home to fit their growing family.  Modular homes make for wonderful vacation homes; with a few personal touches, this modular will be ideal.

Modular Construction

Signature Building Systems Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

I selected Signature Building Systems to help me take on this project.

I wanted to work with a modular construction company that was open to suggestions and alterations.  While browsing the internet, I came across a contractor who works solely with modular construction in The Hamptons.


Making my way through the modular home shipping yard.

I met with the owner of Hampton Modular, LLC and was amazed at how far modulars had come!  Jon has been amazing through this process; he’s always flexible, helpful and knowledgeable.  

Design Goals:  The Perfect Beach House


The”bump out” of my client’s dining room.

My client’s design goal was to create the perfect social environment for family and friends.  We decided to incorporate an open-space kitchen, which could double as a family room.  This makes for the perfect space to enjoy food and conversation!

Dining Room Modular Home Cami Weinstein

An outside view of themodular home’s dining room.

Permits & Roofs


My client and I decided the house should have a gambrel roof to comply with zoning restrictions.  This traditional element would give the home a timeless feel.

Finishing Details

A sneak peek of the modular

A sneak peek of the modular

Jon recommended Christopher Hull of CAH Architecture and Design, LLC.  This was a perfect recommendation because Chris is located five minutes away from my office in Greenwich, CT!  He and his staff are terrific!  He has done many modulars and was a vital part of our team. 

What will eventually be the master bedroom of my client's modular home.

What will eventually be the master bedroom of my client’s modular home.

Once the home is completed in the modular factory, it will be relocated to my client’s property.  From there, the modular will be completed by Hampton Modular and their local crew.

Palm Tree Glam

The energy and beauty of Palm Beach, Florida is amazing.  Decorating with coastal themes is always fun, especially when I can incorporate some palm tree glam!  Dress up your Palm Beach residence or beach house with some of these fun ideas.


I love the airy sheer drapery panels in this tropical sun room.
Via Roomzaar

Inspiration, Nature


via Architectural Digest

Citrus-themed color palettes compliment bright green palm trees and bright pool-blues.  I love drawing from the surrounding area to garner inspiration for my client’s design.


Florida Vibes via Mindfood

Creamy stucco and crisp white linens are the perfect compliment when building your Palm Beach inspiration palette as well.

Palm Tree Glam:  Linens


via Diego Enrique Finol

Give your master bedroom a tropical touch with palm tree prints and beachy linens.


via Target

Palm Tree Glam:  Furniture


Palm Tree Upholstered Furniture via Etsy

Break up the monotony of your living room with printed furniture!  A piece of printed furniture can make your interior feel more eclectic and original.  Consider having one of your favorite chairs re-upholstered with a hand-selected print; this is one of my favorite ways to bring an old piece back to life.

Palm Tree Glam:  Details


Pre-owned French White Plaster Palm Torchere tropical-table-lamps; via Houzz

It’s the little things that make all the difference.  When I see a great piece, I make sure to pick it up.  Antique shops are a great place to find one-of-a-kind details.


via Dpages

This beautiful Palmyra Lamp was designed by Syrette Lew, of Moving Mountains.



Create your own beach-themed terrarium for a beautiful beach house display; the little flamingos are so cute!


via Travelshopa

Discover more inspirations for your Palm Beach interior on my Palm Tree Pinterest board here.

Board, Batten and Shiplap Walls

Are your walls missing a little something?  Give your interior some charisma and charm with board, batten and shiplap walls.  I love the finished look board and batten gives a space; tweet your favorite design ideas at “@camidesigns”!

The Mudroom

via Pizitz Home Cottage

via Pizitz Home Cottage


via Indulgy

Horizontal planks open up this mudroom and give an otherwise unruly area a finished feel.  Updating a space on your main floor can transform the feel of your entire house without touching other rooms.

Staircase Space


via Home Bunch

Never underestimate your staircase space!  Batten and board panels continue the home’s aesthetic without being too overbearing.

via home bunch

via Home Bunch

Paint-grade Pine shiplap siding featuring an 1/8″ reveal covers these walls, for a sleek transition.

From Farm to Fabulous


via Interior Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors were one of the more popular interior design trends for 2016.  Give your Connecticut home a touch of modern farm aesthetic for a touch of countryside comfort.


via Beth Webb

Whitewashed shiplap walls are minimalist enough for a modern home, yet cozy enough for those with traditional roots.

A New Nursery


via Project Nursery

Introducing board and batten walls to a nursery help maintain crisp, contemporary feel.  For new parents, simple details such as board and batten walls can make a messy nursery feel pulled together.



I love the idea of drawing design inspiration from a favorite location.  This Hamptons-inspired nursery features nautical elements without going overboard.

via Country Living

via Country Living

Visit my Pinterest Board, “Board, Batten and Shiplap Walls” to pin your favorite designs here.

Contemporary Barn Wood

You can transform something old into something new simply by looking at it from a different angle.  I love the reclaimed wood resurgence and am inspired by contemporary barn wood designs lately.  Here are some of my favorite contemporary barn wood design ideas.


Elegant lighting and a wash of white paint revives this barn via The Bohemian Wedding

Lake House Inspo


via Home Adore

All you need is a pop of fresh red paint to give your lake house a contemporary feel.  This is a fabulous way to keep the quaint feel of your lake house while adding a personal touch.

Bespoke Bedroom


via One Kin Design

The guest bedroom of this contemporary mountain retreat in Colorado features a wall of repurposed barn wood and an antique bed frame.  I love this cozy and rustic cottage aesthetic!

Reclaimed Kitchen Details

Contemporary style is all about infusing classic design with new details.  The placement of reclaimed wood in these kitchen designs is smart and chic.


via Decorpad


via Style Carrot


via Mod-ified

A Window Seat


via Apartment Therapy

Take a minute to sit and enjoy the view!  Wouldn’t you love to snuggle up with a cup of tea in this window seat?  Framing your window seat with reclaimed wood will completely transform your sitting area.

About Reclaimed Barn Wood


If you’re wondering where to shop for reclaimed barn wood, consider looking to local retired barns, shipping crates, salvage yards or special buyers!



Find more inspiration on my Barn Wood Pinterest board here.


Phillip Jeffries Wallcoverings

I have always loved Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings and use them in my client’s interior designs often.  Phillip Jeffries is the world’s leader in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings.

Chappaqua Living Room:  Details



Recently I completed a living room design for a client located in Chappaqua, New York.  The living room features a transitional style, incorporating beautiful elements of design while remaining family-friendly.  To add a texture to an otherwise unused area, I placed grasscloth wallpaper in the back of the bookshelf.

Phillip Jeffries:  Fall 2016 Collection

The fall 2016 line from Phillip Jeffries features a stunning array of textures and colors.  These are my favorite wallcoverings from this season’s collection.

Abaca Mist


Abaca Mist, Fall 2016 Collection

I love how sophisticated the Albaca Mist wallcovering is and love the beautiful, dark color.  Hints of metallic peek through the woven abaca scrim, drawing the eye into the rich color.

Brushstroke Silk


Brushstroke Silk, Fall 2016 Collection

Add a modern edge to your loft or city apartment with Phillip Jeffries’ Brushstroke Silk wallcovering.  Reminiscent of a shadow print, this juxtaposition of light and dark is sleek and chic.

Urban Views


Urban Views, Phillip Jeffries Fall 2016

Introduce stylized glamour to your restaurant with the Urban Views wallcovering!


reflections wall covering

Reflections, Phillip Jeffries Fall 2016

I could see the Reflections wall covering in a modern kitchen or powder room.  The shimmer-quality could introduce a little light to an area that needs a pick-me-up!

Vinyl Against the Grain

vinyl against the grain wall covering

Vinyl Against the Grain, Phillip Jeffries Fall 2016

For a super sophisticated finish, feature chevron on the walls instead of the floor!  Vinyl Against the Grain is an architectural take on the natural elements.

Browse all of the collections from Phillip Jeffries here.

Bedroom Inspiration

During the winter months we spend a lot of time indoors, snuggled up reading or binging our favorite television shows.  Now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a fresh new look!  Here are some ideas I found for bedroom inspiration.

Bed Frame Design:  Change the Shape


Swapping out your ordinary bed frame for something more functional is a fabulous splurge.  A trundle bed is ideal for when you have a close family member or friend stay the night!  I love the idea of trundle beds in children’s rooms, because it makes sleepovers so easy.


via west elm

Selecting a bed frame with a bold geometry is another way to take a contemporary approach to your mini bedroom renovation.  I love this fun herringbone metal bed frame from West Elm!

Wardrobe Organization:  A Sleek Space


Now is the time to place your summer clothing into storage!  Why not revamp your closet while you’re already making a mess?  A small, organized closet is a stress-free closet.

Add a Sitting Area:  Get Lost Reading


Avid reader?  Stay out of bed until bedtime to subconsciously regulate your sleep; adding a designated area to read will change the entire feel of your room.  Wicker chairs are perfect for a beach house bedroom or a transitional home.

Introduce New Textiles:  The More The Cozier



The key to perfecting the ultimate bedroom for winter?  Textiles!  Mix and match prints with bright pops of color; play with textures and fringe and tassels; details matter!

The Guide to Metal Bed Frames

Updating key furniture pieces in your room can change the entire architecture!  If your bedroom design needs a new touch, consider replacing your old bed frame with a new, sophisticated one!  I am currently obsessed with sleek, chic metal bed frames.  Check out the trend with the guide to metal bed frames, and leave your favorites in the comment section!

The Master Bedroom


Give your master bedroom a sophisticated yet gender neutral tough with a sleek metal bed frame.  This structured frame pops with crisp white bed linens and the perfect leather ottoman.  Take your bedroom makeover a step further by customizing your headboard’s upholstery.

The Guest Bedroom


Welcome friends and family to stay in a cozy cottage setting, no matter where you live!  This wrought iron metal bed frame has a shabby chic feel that is very New England.  Mix in your favorite antique pieces for a truly romantic feel.

Her Bedroom


This bedroom design is fun and flirty without being too adolescent.  A metal bed frame is an ideal selection when shopping for your teenager’s bedroom, because of it’s transitional style.  Your teen can personalize their metal bed frame with swathes of gauzy fabric, or keep it simple and follow the minimalist trend.

His Bedroom


For a straight-forward, no-fuss design, the metal bed frame is the perfect solution.  This metal bed frame serves as the perfect blank canvas; the vintage leather trunk at the base of the bed is such a lovely touch.