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Table Lamps

Last week I shared some of my favorite floor lamps; this week, the discussion is all about table lamps!  A perfect accent, table lamps shed a little light while adorning your side table, night stand, or desk.

1.  Batsford Vase Table Lamp, Vaughan Designs

Batsford Vase Lamp Cami Designs

The Batsford Vase Table Lamp from Vaughan Designs is so bedroomy!  Vaughan Designs is known for creating stylish, classical lighting made at the highest standards.  Each delicate ceramic flower embellishment speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of items from Vaughan Designs.

2.  Crackled Gourd Vase, Vaughan Designs

Vaughan Designs Cami Weinstein

Vaughan Designs’ Crackled Gourd Vase is simply fabulous; I love the acid yellow of this gourd lamp.

3.  Woodville Table Lamp, Vaughan Designs

Vaughan Designs Cami Weinstein

Are you looking for something a little more structured for your room?  The Woodville Table Lamp from Vaughan Designs is beautifully balanced.  Made of nickel, the Woodville Table Lamp is shown with a natural linen lampshade; what wonderful juxtaposition!

4.  Large Bologna Table Lamp, Vaughan Designs

Cami Weinstein Vaughan Designs

Made of brass, this Large Bologna Table Lamp from Vaughan Designs is adorned with a Gardenia Linen lampshade.  I love the movement in these lamps!

5.  Venetian Glass Lamp- Item Number 7064, Decorative Crafts

Decorative Crafts Cami Weinstein

This hand-blown clear and aqua Venetian Glass Lamp from Decorative Crafts is striking and delicate.  Decorative Crafts has been importing fine furnishings since 1928.

6.  Alabaster and Brass Lamp- Item Number 8079, Decorative Crafts

Decorative Crafts Cami Weinstein

I use this Alabaster and Brass Lamp from Decorative Crafts a lot!  The antiqued solid brass is subtle while remaining stately.

7.  Christopher Spitzmiller Inc.

Cami Weinstein SpitzmillerSpitzmiller Cami Weinstein

Christopher Spitzmiller Inc. features a variety of unique lamp designs in select, carefully-chosen Specialty Home Stores.  I love Christopher Spitzmiller Inc.’s elegant collection here are a couple of newer more unusual styles that can make a room feel unique.

Floor Lamps

Floor Lamps not only provide light they create height, and visual interest in a room!  Choosing a piece that melds well into your room’s design plan is an opportunity to add a practical statement piece you can admire.  Here are a few fun and functional pieces to inspire you!

1.  Savona Hooded Floor Lamp, Vaughan Designs

Vaughan Designs Floor Lamp

I love this mod eyeball piece from Vaughan Designs!  The Savona Hooded Floor Lamp would be perfect behind a chair for some late-night reading.  This floor lamp is made of polished nickel, adding an element of minimalist chic to your space.

2.  Twig Floor Lamp, Porta Romana

Twig Floor Lamp

Porta Romana was borne of artists yearning to embark on the mission to “captivate, beguile, and bewitch the world with beautiful things”.  The Twig Floor Lamp from Porta Romana is definitely a captivating piece, which would make for a charming addition to any space!  This naturalistic piece is made of forged steel, complete with a burnished gold finish.

3.  Ribbon Floor Lamp, Porta Romana

Wavy Lamp

This lamp has such a modern quality!  Porta Romana’s Ribbon Floor Lamp’s serpentine shape adds an undulating component, which well definitely cause a ripple effect in your interior design.

4.  Iron and Quartz Floor Lamp, Paul Ferrante


Designed by Paul Ferrante, this Iron and Quartz Floor Lamp is exclusively represented in Northern California by HEWN.  Chunks of quarts give this lamp an organic yet masculine feel.

5.  Osborne Floor Lamp, Paul Ferrante


The Osborne Floor Lamp from Paul Ferrante is the perfect blend of antique and modern!  Complete with a painted finish, this floor lamp features four separate light sources for a unique lighting effect.

6.  Bambolero Floor Lamp, Reborn Antiques and Reproductions


Since 1996, Reborn Antiques and Reproductions has showcased the most stately pieces.  I love the beautiful twigs and gilt-edged shade on this Bambolero Floor Lamp; I would put it in a really elegant living room!

Destination Inspiration

We are taking a trip, and the destination is inspiration!  Revive your designs and refresh your mind by taking a relaxing daytrip to a new place!  Here are my top four places to find inspiration in New England.

 4.  Innersleeve Records, Amagansett, New York

Innersleeve Records Cami Weinstein

Innersleeve Records Cami Weinstein

Never underestimate the power of rifling through records.  Innersleeve Records in Amagansett, New York buys, sells, and trades new and used vinyl, cds, and music memorabilia.  With a friendly staff, this creative environment is buzzing with an electricity that is sure to jump-start your artistic edge.

3.  Stuart’s Farm, Granite Springs, New York

Stuarts Farm Cami Weinstein

Stuarts Farm Cami Weinstein

Here is my friend Ann with the owner of Stuart’s Farm, Betsy!

Family-owned since 1828, Stuart’s Farm in Granite Springs, New York is rustic and lovely.  Recently, I braved a rainstorm and took a trip to Stuart’s Farm to shop; the beautiful annuals and perennials I purchased were well worth the trip.  Betsy, the owner of Stuart’s Farm was so kind, she even brought some of her homemade cookies to us while we were making our selections; it doesn’t get better than that!

2.  Love Adorned, Amagansett, New York

Love Adorned Cami Weinstein Love Adorned Cami Weinstein

This shop in Amagansett has all kinds of wonderful, unusual finds from beautiful serving pieces, air plants, luxurious throws, beach ponchos in cashmere … the owner has a wonderful exotic eye.  View some of the fabulous finds on Love Adorned here.

1.  Roux Roux Gallery, Brookyln, New York

Roux Roux Cami Weinstein

Roux Roux Cami Weinstein

Roux Roux Cami Weinstein

Roux Roux Cami Weinstein

Roux Roux Cami Weinstein

A while back my husband and I visited our friends Steve and Anita’s gallery, Roux Roux, in Brooklyn.  Stephen Vaubel, Steve and Anita’s son assists in coordinating events and organizes gallery details.
Steve Vaubel of Vaubel Jewelry designs creates wonderful pieces of jewelry in silver and gold overlays with semi precious stones.  They have a cult following for their exquisite designs and I have been a major fan for many years. Their pieces have a handcrafted, sophisticated feel. I love the chunky substantial really special feel of their pieces.

Exploring and indulging in new experiences is good for the soul.  If you happen to stop by one or more of my favorite places, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Dreamy Night Tables

Dreamy night tables are essential to a bedroom!  Both handy and necessary, night tables are a great tool for keeping your personal items organized, out of sight, and within arms reach.  My list of top six night tables range from classic and contemporary to whimsical chinoiserie!  Find inspiration for your bedside here!

 1.  Mary McDonald, Chaddock Collection Petite Camille Small Chest

Mary Mcdonald Chest CWeinstein

I love this elegant Mary McDonald nightstand with plenty of drawer space and brass accents.  Ideal for flanking your well-dressed mattress, the Chaddock Collection Petite Camille Small Chest is both stately and practical.

2.  Nancy CorzineSpencer Chinoiserie Night Table

Nancy Corzine Cami Weinstein

This night table from Nancy Corzine features a black pearl finish with gold hand-painted Chinoiserie finish and two doors.  This piece is beautiful, elegant, and very traditional.  The classic Chinoiserie style dates back to the late 1700’s when European artists began incorporating Chinese influences into their whimsical designs.

3.  Mecox, Juliet Three Tier Painted Bedside Table

Mecox Juliet Cami Weinstein

The Juliet Three Tier Painted Bedside Table from Mecox provides plenty of storage with a great Chippendale fretwork design!  The  lattice back and sides make for an eye-catching design and possible focal point, depending on your design.  This piece is customizable, which makes incorporating stylish storage into your room’s design simple.

4.  Mecox, Large Tanen Inlaid Bone and Resin Nightstand

Mecox Bone Cami Weinstein

Great in a girl’s room, beach house, or guest room, this Large Tanen Inlaid Bone and Resin Nightstand from Mecox is definitely a flexible piece.  This nightstand features one top drawer and two pulls, making it both simple and classic.

5.  Bungalow 5, Josephine 1-Drawer Side Table

Bungalow 5 Josephine CWeinstein

Bungalow 5’s Josephine 1-Drawer Side Table is completely hand-finished; from the beveling, the cutting of the pieces, and the fine-grinding of the glass, Bungalow 5’s mirrored pieces are created with the finest craftsmanship.  Add a little sparkle to your bedroom with this great mirrored nightstand!

6.  Bungalow 5, Frances 2-Drawer Side Table

Bungalow 5 Frances Cami Weinstein

This lacquered and grasscloth texture makes for a perfect beach house night table; the middle space is ideal for your favorite bedside-reads!  Bungalow 5’s Frances 2-Drawer Side Table is a crisp, elegant,and versatile.