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Summer Glassware

Mix up your kitchen accessories with fresh summer glassware!  Whether you’re brewing a crisp and refreshing iced tea, or serving cocktails to friends, great glassware makes an impression. From simple to exquisite, here is my selection of elegant summer glassware for 2015.

Classic Southern Summer Vibes

Mason Jar Glassware Cami Weinstein

Perfect for traditional sweet tea, or lemonade with crushed watermelon and a mint leaf!

Mason jars have been trending for a little while now, and it’s easy to understand why.  Understated yet classic, this is a great way to present beverages in a casual setting with an Americana twist!

Shop a similar set of Mason Jars here.

Classic Cocktails

Champagne Glassware Cami Weinstein

For when you need something larger than a flute.

Are you hosting a light lunch with close friends?  Consider serving a classic cocktail in sleek glassware!  Sleek glassware also requires a crisp cocktail.  Try this fresh Summer Champagne Cocktail recipe featuring Prosecco!

Preppy Vintage

Vintage Glassware Cami Weinstein

Cheers to you if you can find a full set of beautiful vintage glassware!

Keep things light and fun with summery prints!  This glassware is pretty, lighthearted and still refined enough for the adults.  The glasses shown are vintage, making them extra groovy.

Electric Geometric

Geometric Glassware Cami Weinstein

How fun are these mod glasses?

If round isn’t your shape, try fun geometric glassware!  What’s better than serving a deliciously refreshing Watermelon Punch with a zing, in great glasses?

View the Watermelon Punch recipe here.

Destination Vacation

Moroccan Glassware Cami Weinstein

These brightly colored glasses are perfect for summer!

Give your guests the element of far-away whimsy with a touch of ornately printed glassware.  I love these Moroccan Glass Cups!

Shop these glasses here.

For more beautiful glassware, view my Summer Glassware Pinterest board here.

Summer Outdoor Party Design

Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, hosting a beautiful summer engagement party, or gathering close friends for cocktails, warm weather beckons summer outdoor parties.  Are you willing to get a little crafty?  Then you’re going to love these summer outdoor party design ideas!

Garden Party

Floral Chandeliers Cami Weinstein

How whimsical are these floral chandeliers?

Take a cue from your blooming garden and tie in fun floral decor!  These floral chandeliers are perfect for a beautiful bride-to-be’s engagement party, or a garden party with the girls!

Whimsical Wonderland

Floral Curtains Cami Weinstein

What says summer outdoor party more than fresh flowers?

Create an ethereal environment for all ages with this easy DIY!  Using fishing wire or clear string, tie strands of bright blossoms to create a curtain of flowers.  Guests will love posing to take perfect photos in front of your gorgeous backdrop!

All That Glitters 

Gold Balloons Cami Weinstein

Gold balloons are perfect for so many occasions, including anniversaries!

All that glitters is actually gold with this fun DIY!  Break out the gold paint and brushes to give your outdoor summer party the Midas touch!  Metallic accessories with crisp white linens are always classic and chic!

Tiki Chic

Tiki Torches Cami Weinstein

Tiki-sans-flame create a no-stress, family-friendly environment!

Tiki-lights and torches are the ultimate summer outdoor party accessory.  I love the idea of creating a vignette of tiki lights (please do not place torches together, as fire is likely to break up your party)!  Note that the designer highlighted their beautiful flowers!

Magical String Lights

String Lights Cami Weinstein

Create a romantic ambiance with string lights!  This decor is ideal for a warm night celebrating friends, family and great accomplishments!  When shopping for string lights, I found a variety of bulb shapes, including stars.  How beautiful!

New England Design

New England interior design is so flexible that we can base a design around ocean elements, rustic components, Americana, etc.  Update your New England home with simple details for a fresh feel!

Highlight Your Best Assets

Exterior Design Cami Weinstein

This coastal home features beautiful trellis work!

Is your house architecturally beautiful, but lacking?  Consider giving your New England home an update by highlighting its details!  This beautiful bungalow highlights it’s unique architecture with cream detailing; I love that nook on the second floor.

The Perfect Porch

Porch Lighting Cami Weinstein

This New England home features a porch perfect for a summer evening!

A truly great house features a roomy wrap-around porch.  Bring your porch to life with details, such as paper lanterns for a fun summer update!

Flora and Fauna

Floridian Inspiration

This crisp exterior is softened by full, blooming planters!

Create a welcoming first impression with fresh flowers by the front entrance of your home!   Blooming plants in distinctive planters and a sandy palette gives this front entrance an elegant, earthy feel.

Bright and Bold

Bright House Cami Weinstein

These colors reflect New England’s renowned foliage without becoming too loud.

Your personality should match your home!  A tastefully selected palette doesn’t have to be neutral; bright paint gives this tiny house a punch of personality!

Cottage Chic

Cottage Chic Cami Weinstein

All this exterior needs is a couple of blooming Hydrangeas to match the door!

In New England, cottage chic never goes out of style!  Give your cozy home a fresh accent, such as this cottage’s periwinkle front door.  The rich tones of the wood balance out this otherwise beautiful pastel.

Not So Simple Chairs

As a designer, it is my job to take the mundane and make it memorable.  A chair on which one sits, is more than just a chair; it is an opportunity for a statement!  Break out of your interior design rut and introduce texture, a pop of color and shape into your design . . .with a simple chair!

Shapely Chairs

Shapely Chair Cami Weinstein

Shapely chairs can provide a feeling of comfort and make guests feel welcome.  Strange as this chair is, it looks like the perfect seating arrangement for a three-person conversation, am I right?

Fur for the Home Office

Fur Chair Cami Weinstein

Fur Chair Cami Weinstein

Your home office is a personal space, so make it feel like one!  I love this fun fur chair, perfect for working in a home office.  You might even find that this chair is so cute and comfortable, that your teen borrows it to do homework in!

Classic & Crisp

Classic Traditional Chair Cami Weinstein

Does your home feature a traditional interior decor?  Consider working in crisp, classic chairs.  This set of stately chairs works perfectly alongside a chic black console table.

Note the salon-style wall arrangement of photographs!

Brighten the Palette 

Scallop Chair Cami Weinstein

Is one of your rooms falling short of interesting?  Is there something missing?  Work a bright chair into the mix for a fun and flirty element!

Pink Chairs Cami Weinstein

I also love these girly pink chairs, which are perfect for a sitting room!  The ruched silk makes for textural eye candy.

Did these extraordinary chairs inspire you?  View my “Small Chairs” Pinterest board for more chair inspo!

Destination Design: Outdoor Showers and Baths

Destination design is all about incorporating cultural elements from around the globe into a personal interior design, and what’s more luxurious than outdoor showers and baths?  A great place to mill over new ideas and let worries soak away, outdoor showers and baths are simply luxe in summer.  How will you work this tropical relaxation ritual into your design?  Here are a few ideas to spike your interest.

East Coast Surf

Coastal Living Beach House Cami Weinstein

Image via Coastal Living

Perfect for a beach house, this outdoor shower was designed for the surf enthusiast.  Walk back from the beach and into the refreshing mist of your own outdoor shower!

Blue Tropics

Conde Nast Traveller Cami Weinstein

Image via Conde Nast Traveller

Invite the outdoor shower theme indoors by drawing inspiration directly from a tropical outdoor shower!  Recreate this far-away feeling with deep blues, beachy natural wood accessories and bright, fresh fauna!

The River Rock Shower

River Rock Shower Cami Weinstein

The overhang of greenery adds a touch of zen.

Note the privacy this outdoor shower provides.  When renovating a space for your outdoor shower, keep in mind how the materials used can craft a sense of serenity and stability.  This outdoor shower wall is crafted of river rocks, which adds visual interest while easing you into a tranquil mood.

Room with a View

Home Adore Cami Weinstein

The ultimate bath.

This beautiful tropical bath is roomy and inviting. The added wall of privacy and window gives access to the outside world for a spa-experience.  What could be better than soaking in a tub while basking in the sun?

Beach House Retreat

Outdoor Shower Cami Weinstein

This outdoor shower is functional and realistic!

Your beach house is the ultimate summer retreat!  Fall in love with your beach house all over again with simple modifications, such as a discreet (and chic) outdoor shower!  The modern shower fixture is a great way to update your beach house.

Summer Cottage Shower

Country Living Cami Weinstein

Relaxing outdoor shower in the country? Yes, I think I will.

Old and new come together in this fabulous Nantucket cottage’s outdoor shower design, as featured in Country Living!  Don’t let location keep you from creating the perfect outdoor shower design; working within your lifestyle while keeping your design goals in mind is key in cultivating the perfect environment!

View all of my favorite Outdoor Showers on my Pinterest board here.

Designing Children’s Rooms

I love designing children’s rooms!  Creating a space for imagination to blossom and playtime to take place is fun and playful.  When designing children’s bedrooms, I like to work with a child’s favorite elements and colors and to include them in the selections.

Select Fun-ctional Pieces

Kids Bookshelf Cami Weinstein

In this case books do grow on trees!

The free-reign involved in selecting fun and functional pieces for a child’s room is freeing.  In my last article, “Nursery Interior Design”, one of my favorite pieces was the rattan Elephant hamper!  I love this reading tree as a means to store your child’s favorite storybooks!

Yes, But Is It Age-Appropriate . . .

When designing kids rooms, the ultimate question looming over one’s head is, “Is it age appropriate”?  When cultivating an interior, it is important to keep in mind that paint can be re-painted and accessories can be swapped out.

Boys Bedroom Cami Weinstein

Neutral tones offer room for more sophisticated decor later on.

The nautical theme of a toddler’s room is very different from the nautical theme of a teenage boy’s room.  This designer kept the paint themes in the room neutral, which allows for more sophisticated decor later on.

Kids Drawer Pulls Cami Weinstein

How fun are these drawer pulls?

Designer Tip:  A great way to keep your child’s room fresh and age-appropriate is with minor detail changes! This desk’s drawer pulls are whimsical and fun, and can later be swapped out for a different design.

A Playful Palette 

Kids Storage Cami Weinstein

A playful color palette is key when creating a child’s sanctuary.  Bursts of color radiate energy and give the environment a fun feel!  I love the neutral carpeting with pops of pink circles!  Repeating patterns are a great way to tie a design together; the repeating pattern of polka dots keeps this room’s design from becoming too scattered.

Pre-Teen Cool

Designing a bedroom for a pre-teen requires a little bit of fun, easy and accessible organization and a lot of cool details!  This bedroom has a great work space for homework, personal elements, and an awesome light fixture!

Tween Bedroom Cami Weinstein

This pre-teen room is a cool hangout space without being too serious!

Do you have a children’s room that needs a pop of life?  Leave your questions about designing a child’s bedroom below!

For more inspiration, view my Kids Rooms Pinterest board here.