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Baskets: Organized Design

Today I am making the case for baskets as a means of organized design.  Where should you put the hand towels and fresh soap in the guest bathroom?  A basket.  Is your kitchen too cluttered?  You probably need shelving, or in this article, a basket.  Is your baking rack missing something?  I think you know what it’s missing:  a basket.

Bathroom Basket Cami Weinstein

This basket keeps items neat and welcoming!

Basket Styles

Burlap Planter Basket

This burlap planter basket is perfect for storing accessories in a mud room!

From rustic to structured, baskets come in many shapes and styles.  Choosing one for your design is a personal decision.  Is your room too strict?  Balance it out with an elegant, yet earthy basket, perhaps made out of bamboo.

Baskets Cami Weinstein

Though beautiful, these baskets seem too delicate for heavy-duty storage, such as laundry; baskets designed by Piet Hein Eek.

Does your basket serve a specific purpose, or is it strictly ornamental?  This comes into play when deciding how sturdy of a material you need.  For example, when selecting a laundry basket for a bedroom, a sturdy basket with a liner is probably best.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Baskets Cami Weinstein

Fresh flowers and natural baskets add to this crisp white kitchen.

A spare basket (or two, or three . . .) in the kitchen is extremely useful.  Gather vine-fresh tomatoes from the garden or keep the silverware for your outdoor party neat and organized with a basket.

French Baskets Cami Weinstein

Is your design looking a little sparse?  Does your new hutch have too much empty space?  A pop of greenery and a natural basket are great, cost-effective ways to enhance your design.  These French baskets create an elegantly rustic feel, when gathered together in a vignette!

Living Room Design

Living Room Basket Cami Weinstein

Keep toys off the floor and remotes in their designated areas with baskets!  Interior design doesn’t have to be expensive, just smart.  This re-purposed bookcase gives a blank white wall a sense of identity, while featuring functional components.

Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets Cami Weinstein

These baskets complete the patio design.

An ordinary plastic planter is evolved when placed inside of a beautiful basket.  The flowers you have cared for are now given a completely personal touch, and are now neatly incorporated into your patio design!

For more great ways to update your interior design with baskets, view my Pinterest board here.

Leather Furniture

From stately office design to everyday family living rooms, leather furniture is a quality style component.  Leather furniture varies from the sleek and masculine to posh and ostentatious; when selected with a careful eye, your leather armchair might be the one piece you find integral to your home.

The Classic Leather Armchair

Grantham Leather Armchair Cami Weinstein

Now let’s talk luxurious throws!

Just as necessary as a fireplace in a cozy lake house, the classic leather armchair is a classic piece of furniture which beckons you to relax.  The Grantham Leather Armchair from Pottery Barn is a steal!  The piece is simple enough to add to your pre-existing design, and perfect for those building their essential furniture collection.

Family Room Furniture

Leather Sectional Cami Weinstein

The perfect family room essential!

Love Pottery Barn’s Grantham Leather Armchair?  The Ken Fulk 5-Piece Leather Sectional is next on your list of fabulous leather furniture.  This sectional is versatile enough to work into a modern, transitional or traditional interior.

Leather Library Furniture

Leather Ottoman Cami Weinstein

Take a seat? Don’t mind if I do!

A home library or office should feature furniture that is comfortable and classic.  Williams Sonoma’s James Nickel and Leather Ottoman is the perfect pair!  Ideal for a sophisticated Greenwich, Connecticut interior design with a stately New England aesthetic.

The Leather Cocktail Ottoman

Leather Cocktail Ottoman Cami Weinstein

Needed: The perfect coasters!

Adding a leather ottoman to your room is a chic way to stretch out.  This leather cocktail ottoman from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams will work its way into your lounge area seamlessly.  Stretch out and enjoy good conversation over cocktails, or use as a resting place for a tray!

Collecting classic leather furniture is vital in cultivating timeless pieces you can rework into your design over and over.  For more leather furniture inspiration, visit my Pinterest Board, Leather Style here.

Window Treatment Styles

When searching for a new home, the amount of light radiating throughout each room plays a key factor.  Windows and light play a large part in how invigorating your design is to your lifestyle.  Update your room with these inspiring window treatment styles!

Kitchen Window Treatment Styles

Kitchen Window Treatment Styles Cami Weinstein

This window treatment can easily be replicated with your favorite fabric for a custom look!

This kitchen is refreshing and quaint!  Plenty of kitchen designs feature a window above the sink area , ideal for looking out into a beautifully landscaped yard or blossoming garden!  This design seamlessly transitions from day to night with a scalloped window treatment that can be drawn to let light in, or dropped to let the sconces on each side of the window light the way!

Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Glass Door Window Treatment Styles Cami Weinstein

Custom shutters for sliding glass doors are the perfect window treatment!

Custom shutters for covering sliding glass doors is a wonderful window treatment design!  I love how there are great options other than drapes or vertical blinds.

Living Room Window Treatments 

Sheer Window Treatments Living Room Cami Weinstein

Give your living room a new ambiance, simply by refreshing your window treatments!  To give your room a more romantic aesthetic, soften your window treatments with sheer curtains.  Gather the curtains for different looks.

Simplify Window Treatments Cami Weinstein

Let your window treatment’s hardware shine with this design!

To give your living room a more structured feel, try this window treatment look!

For more window treatment inspiration, view my Window Treatments Pinterest board here.

Drink Tables

Drink tables are a great way to give a room a conversational touch.  They beckon you to set your cocktail down, and indulge in good conversation with family and friends, and are the perfect addition your design!

The Paris Side Table, Niermann Weeks

Niermann Weeks Drink Table

How beautiful and versatile is this table!

The Paris Side Table from Neirmann Weeks is elegant without overstating its design authority.  A glass top table is a classic staple for any living room or parlor!

Gilt Metal and Antique Mirror Drinks Tables in the Style of Bagues, 1st Dibs

Gilt Metal and Antique Mirror Drinks Tables

To own two pairs of these gorgeous tables would be a dream!

A pair of these ornate gilt metal and antique mirror drink tables would perfectly accent a powder room!  Place a vintage hand mirror on one, and an antique jewelry box on the other, and voila!

Buckland Side Table, Mr. Brown

Buckland Side Table Mr Brown

Now to find coasters as stately as this drink table!

Want a little English formality in your modern design?  Mr. Brown’s Buckland Side Table features a marble top with a Verona Gold or Veronise Silver finish!

Pair of Gustavian Style Occasional Tables, 1st Dibs

Pair of Gustavian Style Occasional Tables

The detail in the stretchers and urns is remarkable!

This pair of small round tables in the Gustavian style, are from Sweden circa 1900!  I love the saltire stretchers and center urns.  Can you image these tables in an entryway?

From Art to Interior

As an interior designer it is necessary to fuel yourself on constant inspiration.  Having a background in painting and printmaking, most of my muses are drawn from artists I discover or have admired for a long time.  Recently, I visited the John Singer Sargent exhibit, and was struck by his bold sense of color.

Cami Weinstein John Singer Sargent

In this article, I will explain the process of finding color palettes, furniture and more from your favorite visual artists.

Cami Weinstein Art Inspiration

The opulent portraits of John Singer Sargent

From Paintbrush to Color Palette


Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent features a beautiful color palette!

Creating a color palette for a design can be a daunting task.  Take a creative approach by selecting a few favorite paintings to generate color palettes from; you may find an unlikely color combination to suit your interior!

Interior Design

This interior could have easily utilized the John Singer Sargent painting as a muse!

Want to test this technique out yourself?  Insert your favorite painting into CSS Drive’s Color Palette Generator here.

Art Transforms Ideas

John Singer Sargent

These bold colors are perfect tablescape inspiration!

There is no one way to translate a piece of art, and because of this, a great piece of art can transform your view on a completely different subject.  For example. I love the bold green and crisp white in this painting; the colors could inspire a fabulous table setting!Table Setting Inspiration

From Canvas & Paint to Textile Inspiration

From Victorian opulence to elegant window treatment inspiration!

From Victorian opulence to elegant window treatment inspiration!

Another great way to translate a painting into an interior is with textiles.  John Singer Sargent was renowned for painting aristocrats in opulent detail.

Ornate Living Room

Aristocratic indeed!

This luxurious interior could have easily been inspired by the portrait!