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5 Mirrored Wall Designs You’ll Love

Adding mirrors to your design creates the optical illusion of a brighter, more spacious interior.  Take your wall from basic to focal point with antiqued mirrored tile, floor-to-ceiling inlaid mirrors and more; here are 5 mirrored wall designs you’ll love.

The Bedroom:  Looking Glass

Mirrored Wardrobe Cami Weinstein

via The English Wardrobe Company

Mirrors have been added to this beautiful walk-in wardrobe for the perfect pop!  The mirrors draw your eye forward and add detail to an otherwise ordinary built-in closet; genius!

The Kitchen:  Modern Backsplash

Large Mirror Kitchen Backsplash Cami Weinstein

With so many different options, designing backsplashes should never be a boring feat!  Give your kitchen an elegant twist by opting for a mirrored backsplash!Kitchen Backsplash Mirror Tile Cami Weinstein

These mirrored tiles reflect the beautiful marble counter without taking too much away from the rest of the space.

The Bathroom/Powder Room:  Lighting, Perfected

Bathroom Design Cami Weinstein

Natural lighting is ideal for flawless makeup application.  Give your Connecticut home a touch of glamour with a large vanity mirror.

At the Bar:  Mirrored Tile Framework

Bar Mirrors Cami Weinstein

Mirrored tile framework gives this bar the perfect luxe look.  Perfect for an at-home bar or entertaining area, this mirrored detail ties in with the lighting to perfectly highlight the beauty of a great cocktail area!

The At-Home Gym:  Workout in Style

Gym Design Cami Weinstein

Great for keeping your posture in-check, these mirrors are both decorative and helpful to your fitness routine!  Customize your at-home gym and workout in style with inlaid mirrors!  The antiqued finish is perfect for keeping this design modern instead of clinical.

Kitchen Design: Dinnerware Inspiration

Adding accents to your interiors is a great way to keep things fresh!  Does your kitchen design need a pop of color?  Do you want to tone it down for a sleek, minimalist vibe?  Selecting a new collection of plates is a great way to liven up your design; here is some of my favorite dinnerware inspiration.

A Splash of Color

Suite One Studio Plates Cami Weinstein

Small-Batch Plates, Suite One Studio

Introduce a splash of color (literally, a splash of watercolor glaze) to your dinnerware with these beautiful plates from Suite One Studio!  The shiny gold rims add a touch of elegance to the otherwise bohemian pieces.

Add to the collection with . . .

RedRaven Handmade porcelain keepsakes

Canyon Series Glacier Hand Painted Porcelain, RedRaven Etsy Shop

Similar to the Suite One Studio plates, is the Canyon Series Glacier Hand Painted Porcelain via redravenstudios on Etsy!  Adding a few of these plates to your Suite One Studios collection will add intrigue and really make your dinnerware unique!

Chic Antique

French Garden House Plates Cami Weinstein

Antique Handpainted Limoges Gilt Floral Cabinet Plate, French Garden House

Is your dinnerware openly displayed in your kitchen?  Add instant sophistication with these Antique Handpainted Limoges Gilt Floral Cabinet Plates from French Garden House!

Colorful Basics

Colorful Dinner Plates Cami Weinstein

Dinnerware via

If you already have beautiful, ornate plates, mix things up with colorful basics!  The Fiestaware Collection from Dinnerware USA are my everyday plates!

Off-White Basics

Grey Plates Cami Weinstein

If bright basics are just too colorful for you, consider incorporating off-white plates into your dinnerware!  I love these grey plates from Greta Bean!

For more dinnerware inspiration visit my “Beautiful Plates” Pinterest board here.

Modern Bamboo

Enhance your room’s zen factor with modern bamboo furniture and elements for your design!  Bamboo is more versatile than you think.  From bamboo furniture to bamboo fixtures, you’re going to love making modern bamboo yours.

Detailed Dinnerware

Juliska Classic Bamboo Dinnerware Bloomingdale's

Juliska Classic Bamboo Dinnerware, Bloomingdale’s

Lately I have been in love with the idea of updating my dinnerware!  This classic bamboo dinnerware by Juliska is too beautiful to hide in a cupboard;  displaying  these gorgeous plates call for an open hutch!

Natural Beach House Elements

Monique Chair Sika Designs Cami Weinstein

To add a seat cushion or not to add a seat cushion.

Cold weather means you have more reason to visit your Florida beach house!  The Monique Chair from Sika Designs beckons for you to enjoy a fresh cocktail on your patio.  This piece is available without the armrests, as well!

Sitting Room

McGuire Furniture Cami Weinstein

Give your sitting room a table for your favorite design books and a vase of flowers!  This glass top table from McGuire Furniture features a beautiful bamboo-cage beveled base.

Home Office Details

Ballard Designs Barcart Cami Weinstein

Jill Bar Cart, Ballard Designs

Is your home office design missing something?  It’s probably this beautiful bar cart from Ballard Designs!  Tempered glass shelves with gallery rails welcome your favorite bar accessories.

Entryway Mirror

Arteriors Bamboo Paneled Mirror Horchow Cami Weinstein

Give your entryway the illusion of more space with a mirror.  Arteriors’ Bamboo Paneled Mirror will instantly draw the gaze of your guests!

Wine Storage Designs

Classic wine cellars hold an air of romance and mystery, while modern wine storage is sleek and innovative with temperature-controlled technology and more!  Inspire yourself (and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine) while scrolling through these wine storage designs.

Lake House Cabin Wine Cellar Cami Weinstein

This wine cellar looks like it’s in a cozy lake house!

Parisian Classic

French Classic Wine Storage Cami Weinstein

This classic wine cellar is located in the basement of a French interior.  The gild ornate mirror, flour sack upholstered chairs and rustic wine racks give an ornate ambiance.

The Wine Room

Restaurant Wine Storage Cami Weinstein

This modern restaurant stores their wine in a beautifully organized room.  The shelving keeps the wine sorted and the glass windows showcase the beautiful bottles perfectly.

Project Renovation

In House Wine Room Cami Weinstein

Incorporate your wine collection into the main level of your home!  I love this transitional design’s combination of built-in wooden shelving and storage and floor-to-ceiling glass entry.

Sleek, Modern & Minimal

Modern Wine Storage Cami Weinstein

Adapting a main-level wine storage unit into a constricted space is possible as well!  Here is a Modern Cable Wine System Wine Cellar by Papro Consulting 37, which is perfectly sleek and modern.

Free-standing Wine Storage

Free Standing Wine Cellar Cami Weinstein

Ideal for a loft-style home, this free-standing wine storage is gorgeous for entertaining and perfect for those proud of their growing wine collection!  The  best part?  Incorporating this free-standing wine storage into your home or business allows you to utilize otherwise negative space for functional design.