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Hexagons in Design

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

2015 was a year where modern minimalism met rustic traditional.  Break the new year in with fresh inspiration by varying your designs slightly; explore new color palettes, re-discover shapes, and allow yourself the freedom to create.  Today I’m going to share inspiration featuring hexagons in design!

Moroccan Tile Cami Weinstein


Hexagon Flooring

Hexagon Tiles Cami Weinstein


Hexagons naturally work well in mosaics and when placing tile!  The six-sided shape easily fits together to create a seamless traditional pattern for your bathroom floor or an intricate hardwood floor pattern.  The hardwood flooring shown below features a beautiful hexagon pattern which is both eye-catching and timeless.

Hexagon Hardwood Flooring


Screen Dividers & Wall Accents

Traditionally, we think of blinds, screen dividers and wall accents in a vertical movement.  Switch things up by opting for a sweeter “honeycomb” effect with hexagons!

Cami Weinstein

Patricia Urquiola for W-Hotels, Vieques island, Puerto Rico

Patricia Urquiola’s unique hexagonal blinds for W-Hotels in Viegues Island, Puerto Rico is a masterpiece!  This savvy installation is smart and gives the space a definite personality.

Ceiling Hexagons Cami Weinstein

Designed by Patricia Uquiola; via

If you’re looking at designing an office space, consider a new wave industrial take!  Imagine these large hexagonal doors with your choice of tinted glass for a sleek, futuristic touch.

Hexagon Glass Walls Cami Weinstein


Furniture Design

Hexagon Stool Cami Weinstein


Integrate new ideas into your interior with hexagons in furniture design!  This is a great way to indulge your new hexagonal obsession without a complete remodeling.

Hardwood Flooring Styles

If you are looking to remodel your house for the better consider a hardwood floor renovation!  Hardwood floors increase your home’s property value while giving your interior a timeless update.  There are so many hardwood flooring styles, it’s best to review them before your renovation begins.

Cami Weinstein Greenwich Designer 01


Hardwood Flooring Styles

When you’re sorting through hardwood flooring samples, remember that your floor’s appearance depends on the material it has been milled from.

Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Cami Weinstein


Things to consider when shopping for hardwood floors are the hardness of the wood, how the wood reacts to humidity, the wood grain pattern, plank width, how easy the wood is to install, and whether it will stand up to your lifestyle.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Barn Wood Flooring Cami Weinstein

Barn Wood Flooring via

Reclaimed hardwood flooring is both eco-friendly and trendy right now.  The rustic appeal and sentimental value from reclaimed flooring gives the room a personality all its own.  Reclaimed hardwood flooring is often salvaged from barns, wine barrels and warehouses.

Pine Hardwood Flooring

Pine Hardwood Flooring Cami Weinstein

Pine Hardwood via

If you are veering away from traditional hardwood flooring such as oak, walnut or mahogany, consider pine hardwood flooring.  One of the most affordable flooring options, Pine hardwood floors are quick and easy to install and feature a wide variety of colors and patterns for you to choose from!

Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Cami Weinstein

I love this kitchen’s dark hardwood flooring via

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5 Fireplace Designs

With the holidays comes a brisk New England chill that beckons friends and family to gather round the fireplace with a hot toddy.  Update your fireplace by reworking the area around it, or transform your interior with a beautiful fireplace installation.  Need inspiration?  Here are 5 fireplace designs you’ll love.

For the Modern Art Enthusiast

Greenwich Connecticut Interior Designer Cami Weinstein

Adorn your fireplace with a cherished piece of original art.  I love how this fireplace’s surroundings reflect the color palette of the featured painting; what a great focal point!

Consider adding a piece of original art.

For the Avid Reader

Interior Designer Greenwich Connecticut Cami Weinstein

Invite your book club over to enjoy a cozy reading session around the fire!  This fireplace design features beautiful antique framework.  Antique framework like this is coveted in the design world; enhance your room’s key elements with simple accents.

Consider simplifying your design.

For the Elegant Connecticut Interior

Connecticut Interior Designer Cami Weinstein

Connecticut homes often feature classic architectural elements.  Give your room a fresh update by keeping the color palette simple.  To veer away from the classic black and white palette, consider deep, smokey charcoal hues and elegant creams.

Consider updating your interior’s paint to make your mantle pop!

For the Contemporary Den

Cami Weinstein Greenwich CT Interior Designer

If your fireplace is located in a smaller room of your house (or you have various fireplaces and one happens to be in a smaller room), consider re-vamping the interior into a cozy, contemporary den!  This fireplace is the perfect focal point, and the mantle is ideal for sculptures or personal touches, such as family photographs.

Consider Adding:  Barcart & Accessories

For the Eclectic Lifestyle

Cami Weinstein Interior Designer Greenwich CT

Do you have beautiful collectible urns or beautiful Moroccan rugs from travelling?  Draw attention to your fireplace design by surrounding it with your favorite eclectic collectibles!  I love the collage of textures in this design, from the rug to the mantle’s antique framework; beautiful.

Consider adding a luxurious patterned rug!

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Modern Lighting

Lighting effects an entire room’s ambiance, but what about the light fixture?  Incorporating modern lighting into an already-established interior is a great way to add a fresh new take.  Here are a few of my modern lighting favorites and placement ideas!

Sculptural Lighting

Modern Lighting Cami Weinstein Greenwich CT

Jiten Wall Sconce/Flushmount, Arteriors

Runways showcasing ready to wear collections drew inspiration from glamorous 1970’s inspired shapes and textures.  Re-invent the classic Soleil Mirror’s effect with this beautiful wall sconce/flushmount from Arteriors.  The beauty of this fixture is the functionality and ability to re-purpose this piece into a new style.

Rooms:  Entryway, Hallway, Living Room, Powder Room, Guest Bedroom

Sleek Illumination

Light Fixture Cami Weinstein Greenwich CT

via ModernForms

The Marimba LED Pendant features multiple steel drum shades and provides flattering illumination.  Each drum shade features a hand-leafed finish and a twist-lock etched glass diffuser, which allows you to customize the lighting.

Rooms:  Walk-In Wine Cellar, Living Room, Walk-In Closet, Kitchen

Updated Austen

Crown Major Chandelier Cami Weinstein Designs CT

via Jehs + Laub for Nemo

The Crown Major Chandelier designed by Jehs and Laub for Nemo is the light fixture Jane Austen would have if she lived in the 2000’s.  Romantic with an updated twist, this chandelier is elegant without the fuss.

Rooms:  Dining Room, Entryway, Master Bedroom

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Detailed Fireplace Screens

Finish your fireplace’s look with one of these detailed fireplace screens!  Make your fireplace the focal point of your room’s interior design.  Interior Designer BlogThese detailed fireplace screens range from elegant and traditional to the perfect art deco design.  Which of these fireplace screens are perfect for your design?

From whimsical andirons to beautiful fireplace screens, La Forge Francais features amazing fireplace accessories!Interior Design Blog

La Forge Francaise has quite the variety of beautiful fireplace accessories.  I especially love this brushed steel with antique gold “Fontainebleau” fireplace screen!La Forge Francaise Design Blog

Integrate art into your design with a fire screen from designer Philip Nimmo!  From mod to whimsical, Phillip Nimmo’s fire screens demand attention.  My personal favorite is the Vigneto Fire Screen!

Fireplace Screen Cami WeinsteinIs your elegant interior lacking a WOW factor?  1stDibs’ Spectacular Sculpted Gold Leafed Steel Modernist Fire Screen by American Artist Del Williams!  Does your fireplace need specialty sizing?  This fireplace screen is available for custom sizing!

Two is Company Fireplace Screen Cami WeinsteinI see this fireplace screen adorning a masculine study or home office.  Two is Company features so many beautiful luxury pieces!

Art Deco 1st Dibs Cami WeinstienDoes your bedroom’s fireplace need a sophisticated fireplace screen?  This Art Deco Fire Screen with Crosshatch Detailing and Gilt Ball Accents adds just the right amount of modern romance!