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Cami Weinstein Reworks the ArtsWestchester

New York’s largest private, non-profit service organization, ArtsWestchester, is Westchester Countys’ designated arts council.  Established in 1965, ArtsWestchester has been supporting cultural organizations and artist residencies as well as connecting the community with art ever since.

ArtsWestchester Building Exterior Cami Weinstein

Renovation & Repurposing

ArtsWestchester is housed in the Old Landmark bank building at the center of White Plains.  The building has been repurposed to hold the offices of ArtsWestchester as well as a gallery and various artist studios.  Janet Langsam, the Chief Executive of ArtsWestchester reached out to me requesting that I assist in refreshing the spaces.  We discussed infusing the space with lighting and color.  I was delighted to help and take on this project as I remember walking to that bank with my mother and grandmother many times when I was a young child.

The Front Lobby

The front lobby is gorgeous old marble with an ornately carved and restored ceiling.  Since ArtsWestchester is such an important part of the contemporary landscape, I felt we should use very modern gilded fixtures.  

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC ArtsWestchester12

Zanadoo Light Fixture, Arteriors

I selected the Zanadoo Fixtures from Arteriors; these fixtures are both modern and classic at the same time and gave the lobby just the right amount of sparkle.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC ArtsWestchester11

Parker Sconces, Jonatahn Adler

For the sconces I used the Parker Sconces by Jonatahn Adler in Antique Natural Brass.

Upstairs Lighting & Design

The ArtsWestchester offices are housed on the second floor of the building.  When discussing the layout of the design, Janet and I concluded that we wanted to have an impact on visitors once they stepped off the elevator.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC ArtsWestchester13

Anemone Fixture, Robert Abbey

We selected a deep raspberry color and highlighted it with Robert Abbey’s Anemone light fixtures in chrome.  The beautiful light patterns on the ceiling give off a great design element!

The Conference Room

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC ArtsWestchester19

The ArtsWestchester Conference Room

And finally, the Conference Room of the ArtsWestchester.  The conference room table was refinished and the paint refreshed with a tranquil pink, white and new crisp sunscreens.  We wanted ideas that burst around that table to truly spark creativity!   Three great Sputnick fixtures were custom made for the conference room in California, which we hung along with a new painting by an artist affiliated with ArtsWestchester. 

The New Faux for Walls

2015’s interior design trends were sleek and minimal, mimicking high fashion’s nod to less is more.  Now it seems as though minimalism has taught us to be more selective with what we choose to be haughty about for 2016.  Give your accent wall an update with a luxe decorative finish, the new faux for walls.

Gold Rush:  Faux Gold Walls

Gold Metallic Walls Cami Weinstein

Metallic accents are ever present in interior design, though the way they are used varies through the decades.  Keep your interior sleek and on-trend with metallic walls.  Because decorative finishes are meant to be customized, selecting gleaming (or burnished) rose gold, bronze, silver leaf or gold walls is up to you!

Old World Romanticism Meets Modern Art

Old World Walls Cami Weinstein

via buzzfeed

Give your loft a touch of the old and a twist of the new with old world-inspired walls featuring a bright bursts of color!  I love the texture of old world style walls juxtaposed with acidic yellows and deep plums.

Plaster Metallic Foil Walls Cami Weinstein

via artisphereonline

I love this decorative finish featuring plaster over metallic foil.  How beautiful would this look as an accent wall above a fireplace!

Silver Metallic Walls Cami Weinstein


A pop of color and silver leaf also makes for a gorgeous faux finish!  Though the decorative finish may seem extreme up close, remember that the architecture of the home as well as furniture selection can take the edge off, leaving you with more elegance than artistic exuberance.

A Fresh Look at Murals

When was the last time you considered adding a mural to your interior?  Clear away all the images of dated, shoddy murals and let’s take a fresh look at murals!

Cami Weinstien Interior Design 01

Custom murals are a great way to add a personal touch to any interior, from commercial businesses to home offices, bedrooms and beyond.

Kitchen Design

Cami Weinstien Interior Design 01

This rustic mural seems as if it were painted in a studio and installed afterward.  A mural which has been installed versus painted onto the wall leaves you with the ability to update your interior when the time comes.  The neutral tones featured in the mural compliment the textured flooring, brick backdrop and reclaimed wooden table.

Bedroom Design

Cami Weinstien Interior Design 01

This chinoiserie mural is feminine, elegant and eye-catching all at once!  Chinoiserie is a classic imitation of Chinese motifs in Western art which was popular in 18th century, and makes for a fantastic mural.  This stylish mural can also transition with the interior when the room is ready for an update; sleek modern furniture would be the perfect balance of traditional and modern.

Living Room Design

Cami Weinstien Interior Design 01

Another example of chinoiserie, this mural draws the eye inward without becoming overwhelming; the glassware by the fireside is a fabulous touch as well.

Murals as a Solution

Cami Weinstien Interior Design 01

Transform your sloped ceilings from a design problem to the main feature.  This mural provides the perfect pop of color and makes the room’s weakness a strong point!