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Bedroom Inspiration

During the winter months we spend a lot of time indoors, snuggled up reading or binging our favorite television shows.  Now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a fresh new look!  Here are some ideas I found for bedroom inspiration.

Bed Frame Design:  Change the Shape


Swapping out your ordinary bed frame for something more functional is a fabulous splurge.  A trundle bed is ideal for when you have a close family member or friend stay the night!  I love the idea of trundle beds in children’s rooms, because it makes sleepovers so easy.


via west elm

Selecting a bed frame with a bold geometry is another way to take a contemporary approach to your mini bedroom renovation.  I love this fun herringbone metal bed frame from West Elm!

Wardrobe Organization:  A Sleek Space


Now is the time to place your summer clothing into storage!  Why not revamp your closet while you’re already making a mess?  A small, organized closet is a stress-free closet.

Add a Sitting Area:  Get Lost Reading


Avid reader?  Stay out of bed until bedtime to subconsciously regulate your sleep; adding a designated area to read will change the entire feel of your room.  Wicker chairs are perfect for a beach house bedroom or a transitional home.

Introduce New Textiles:  The More The Cozier



The key to perfecting the ultimate bedroom for winter?  Textiles!  Mix and match prints with bright pops of color; play with textures and fringe and tassels; details matter!

Transitional Dining Room

Recently I just updated my client’s dated interior design in her Dining Room to a transitional Dining Room!  Updating your interior is a fantastic way to highlight it’s architecture in a refreshing and innovative way.  Your home should be a reflection of your personality and therefore be curated to fit your ideal needs.


Updating my client’s dining room with new sconces, and a new chandelier bring a new tone to the room.

Transitional Style

Transitional interior design is ideal for those who want to introduce contemporary elements to a classic and timeless design.  Contemporary furniture, finishes, materials and fabric come together to create an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Tip:  When shopping for contemporary furniture to include in your transitional interior, seek out simple, straight lines and rounded profiles.

The Transitional Dining Room



For a fresh, transitional design, I repainted the walls in a beautiful Farrow & Ball white, installed new light fixtures, sconces and a fabulous chandelier, added new draperies and recovered the chairs.  I love how the rich palette amplifies the beauty of the dining room set’s gorgeous wood grain. The room now feels fresh new and sophisticated!

The Guide to Metal Bed Frames

Updating key furniture pieces in your room can change the entire architecture!  If your bedroom design needs a new touch, consider replacing your old bed frame with a new, sophisticated one!  I am currently obsessed with sleek, chic metal bed frames.  Check out the trend with the guide to metal bed frames, and leave your favorites in the comment section!

The Master Bedroom


Give your master bedroom a sophisticated yet gender neutral tough with a sleek metal bed frame.  This structured frame pops with crisp white bed linens and the perfect leather ottoman.  Take your bedroom makeover a step further by customizing your headboard’s upholstery.

The Guest Bedroom


Welcome friends and family to stay in a cozy cottage setting, no matter where you live!  This wrought iron metal bed frame has a shabby chic feel that is very New England.  Mix in your favorite antique pieces for a truly romantic feel.

Her Bedroom


This bedroom design is fun and flirty without being too adolescent.  A metal bed frame is an ideal selection when shopping for your teenager’s bedroom, because of it’s transitional style.  Your teen can personalize their metal bed frame with swathes of gauzy fabric, or keep it simple and follow the minimalist trend.

His Bedroom


For a straight-forward, no-fuss design, the metal bed frame is the perfect solution.  This metal bed frame serves as the perfect blank canvas; the vintage leather trunk at the base of the bed is such a lovely touch.

Interior Stone Walls

Does your interior leave an impression?  Create a dramatic interior with interior stone walls!  Adding a backdrop of texture will add instant intrigue and visual appeal to your design.  Add a new dynamic with interior stone walls to a lackluster room; these are some of my favorite ideas.

The Finished Basement



Every room in your house should reflect your aesthetic.  Give your finished basement personality and distinction with interior stone walls.  I love the placement of the stone by a crisp white staircase.  This creates both a rustic and modern sensibility.

The Kitchen Backsplash



Mix up your traditional kitchen design by adding a new element:  stone walls!  Skip the tile this time, and let’s talk about stone samples; mix and match different varieties to create the perfect custom kitchen backsplash.

The Long Hall


via Pinterest

Accentuate and embrace your home’s unique architecture with interior stone walls.  This long hallway has a rustic and whimsical feel, and would work wonderfully in a home or even in a business environment.  Hidden lighting where the wall meets the ceiling is a genius touch.

The Living Room


via traditionalhome

The living room is where you host guests and share ideas.  Give your friends and family an inspiring spot to sit.  These large chunks of stone fit together to form a gorgeous accent wall.

For more ideas on how to incorporate interior stone walls, visit my Pinterest board here.