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Modular Home Install Day

Wow!  I can’t believe modular home install day has finally arrived!  It’s a big day for the house I am working on in Montauk!  The day started on an early note; a total of 5 pieces were to be moved to the location and completed.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC 03

We spent the day watching as each piece was carefully placed into position.  This was a tough site to work on; it’s narrow and has a lot of low-hanging electrical wires.  It was decided that it would be best if each piece was brought under the wires, then lifted and spun 180 degrees to be set in the proper place.  It was a fun and fascinating day!

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

About Modular Homes

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

There’s a little bit you should know about modulars.  The modular homes of today can be completely customized to meet both aesthetic and town-code restrictions.  This modular was designed with architect Christopher Hull, of CAH Architects in Cos Cob, CT and myself.  Working with Chris was a pleasure;  he really listens to what the client is looking for and works to meet their specific goals.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Jon Sirkin of Hampton Modular and his team are taking care of the construction.   Hampton Modular is fantastic to work with; they are  open to new ideas and go to great lengths to make their clients happy.  It’s a pleasure working with Hampton Modular and such a personable construction company is truly a rare find.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Jon has just opened another office in Greenwich, known as Greenwich Modular.  As a designer I am delighted to work with such a great team and so glad this home design option was explored!

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Now that the pieces of the modular home are set into position, completion will only take a few months.  During these months, finishing touches will be put onto the modular home.  I can’t wait to see the final result!  Stay tuned as we take you through this project through completion.

Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

For More Information, Contact:

CAH Architecture and Design, LLC

Greenwich Modular

78 Valley Road, Cos Cob, CT 06807


Cami Weinstein Designs, LLC

37 Arch Street, Greenwich, CT 06830

Clapton-Inspired Design

Recently, I went to see Eric Clapton in concert.  My penchant for Clapton-inspired design began once I saw the stage hands rolling out a large Oriental rug.

Persian Mohajeran Sarouk rug

Persian Mohajeran Sarouk Rug

Clapton Live

Live Performance

Eric Clapton Live

The performance was amazing; Clapton’s moody rock and blues ballads are so heartfelt.  Many of the songs are deeply personal and about his personal struggles with love, loss, addiction and life.  It’s always amazing to witness an artist transforming their emotions into art.

Live Performance

Live music is good for the soul.

Before Clapton, Gary Clark Jr., another favorite musical artist of mine, performed.  As the stage hands were clearing sound equipment and instruments from Gary Clark Jr.’s set, I noticed a man carrying a large rug out.  The man proceeded to spread the large Oriental rug onto the stage.  This piqued my interest immediately, and questions began running through my head.

Live Performance

The concert was an amazing experience!

Why an Oriental Rug?  Was it a way of feeling home?  He was pretty far from England.  Did the rug feel comforting?  Did it remind him of home? Was it reminiscent of the bohemian mania of the 60’s?  Were the colors a source of inspiration for him; the patterns?  Did the huge Oriental rug help to absorb sound?  For the rest of the night I kept wondering about the rug and what it meant to him.

Classic Oriental & Persian Rugs

Classic Oriental and Persian rugs having been out of the design limelight for a while,  but they remain timeless.  Ornate with beautiful colors and patterns, Oriental and Persian rugs are a fabulous investment.

Persian Oriental Rugs

PersianRug via Oldcarpet

Infuse your interior with elements of bohemian chic by adding (or layering) these ornate rugs.  These rugs will definitely make a comeback.  They remain as iconic to decorating as Eric Clapton is to music.  I selected these beautiful pieces for decor inspiration; throw your favorite Clapton on, and start pinning your favorites here.

Persian Oriental Rugs

The kind of boho vibes I’m channeling right now.

Designing a Modular Home

I’m currently designing a modular home, which is very exciting!  Modular home design has come a long way; there are so many ways to personalize your layout.

Modular Home Factory Cami Weinstein LLC

Designing a Modular Home:  Montauk

Montauk Beach New York

The beaches in Montauk are breathtaking; via

Montauk is the perfect vacation spot.  Recently a client asked for my assistance in designing their modular home to fit their growing family.  Modular homes make for wonderful vacation homes; with a few personal touches, this modular will be ideal.

Modular Construction

Signature Building Systems Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

I selected Signature Building Systems to help me take on this project.

I wanted to work with a modular construction company that was open to suggestions and alterations.  While browsing the internet, I came across a contractor who works solely with modular construction in The Hamptons.


Making my way through the modular home shipping yard.

I met with the owner of Hampton Modular, LLC and was amazed at how far modulars had come!  Jon has been amazing through this process; he’s always flexible, helpful and knowledgeable.  

Design Goals:  The Perfect Beach House


The”bump out” of my client’s dining room.

My client’s design goal was to create the perfect social environment for family and friends.  We decided to incorporate an open-space kitchen, which could double as a family room.  This makes for the perfect space to enjoy food and conversation!

Dining Room Modular Home Cami Weinstein

An outside view of themodular home’s dining room.

Permits & Roofs


My client and I decided the house should have a gambrel roof to comply with zoning restrictions.  This traditional element would give the home a timeless feel.

Finishing Details

A sneak peek of the modular

A sneak peek of the modular

Jon recommended Christopher Hull of CAH Architecture and Design, LLC.  This was a perfect recommendation because Chris is located five minutes away from my office in Greenwich, CT!  He and his staff are terrific!  He has done many modulars and was a vital part of our team. 

What will eventually be the master bedroom of my client's modular home.

What will eventually be the master bedroom of my client’s modular home.

Once the home is completed in the modular factory, it will be relocated to my client’s property.  From there, the modular will be completed by Hampton Modular and their local crew.

Asian Influence

Infuse your interior with a touch of Asian influence!  Ornate patterns, gorgeous Chinoiserie and bold color palettes give your room a fresh feel.


via Decoholic

Asian Influence: Bold Color


via Motley Decor


via Erika Ward

via Traditional Home

via Traditional Home


via Design Chic

Does your interior currently have a neutral palette?  Break it up with bold colors; bright yellows, burning reds and gorgeous emeralds can revitalize your room.  Never underestimate how a bold color palette can inspire the rest of your design!

Screens & Room Dividers


I love this dramatic, textured screen via

via The French Tangerine

via The French Tangerine

via Interact China

via Interact China

If you have a large room, consider breaking it up with a beautiful Asian inspired screen!  Elaborately-detailed screens make for luxurious details, especially when placed in a corner.


Give your living room or study a zen feel with wide-set furniture that sits close to the ground.

Give your living room or study a zen feel with wide-set furniture that sits close to the ground.

via Architecture Art Designs

via Architecture Art Designs



Tracey Hollywood Regency Navy Blue Lacquer Nightstand Cabinet via Kathy Kuo Home

Tracey Hollywood Regency Navy Blue Lacquer Nightstand Cabinet via Kathy Kuo Home

I love antiquing and the thrill of finding a unique piece for a client’s interior.  Combining an antique with something sleek and modern creates an elegant aesthetic.

Find more ideas on my “Asian Influences in Interiors” Pinterest board here.

Winter Antiques Show

The Winter Antiques Show was held at New York City’s Park Avenue Armory from January 20th – January 29th.  A vast display of exemplary art, rare antiques and innovative designs, The Winter Antiques Show always leaves me inspired.  This year’s exhibit was extraordinarily stunning.

Winter Antiques Show 2017

Winter Antiques Show 2017

About The Winter Antiques Show


The Winter Antiques Show is held at the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City, NY.  This show is an excellent way for new and established collectors, curators, dealers and design professionals to connect and share inspiration.  While one third of the show’s exhibitors specialize in Americana, the rest feature English, European and Asian fine and decorative arts.  Each item displayed is available for purchase, making the experience all the more worthwhile, as I can shop for my clients while I browse!  

Sculptural Lighting


Winter Antiques Show 2017

Sculptural lighting is a win-win!  This bold piece’s functionality creates adds to the concrete element of aestheticism while setting an ambiance.  I would love to feature this piece in a client’s home library or study; it would work fabulously in a modern living room as well!

Transitional Elegance

Winter Antiques Show 2017

Winter Antiques Show 2017

One of my favorite elements of The Winter Antiques Show is the stark contrast of items which are displayed.  The Winter Antiques Show is proud to feature everything from “Egyptian antiquities to American folk art to postwar Italian art glass”.  The juxtaposition of available inspiration leaves much to the imagination.

Winter Antiques Design Show 2017

Winter Antiques Design Show 2017

The detailing on this wrought iron piece is beautiful!  


Winter Antiques Show 2017

I could admire this intricate sculpture forever.  After browsing the selection, I am left brimming with ideas and inspiration.  If you attended this show, what which were your favorite pieces?  Tweet your thoughts at me “@camidesigns”


Bringing Plants Into Your Decor

Say goodbye to your winter doldrums by bringing plants into your decor!  There are so many health and aesthetic benefits of indoor plants, making them the perfect addition to your interior.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.


I love this cute display of basil in teacups; via A Cultivated Nest.

Health Benefits of Bringing Plants Into Your Decor


via Diy & Crafts Ideas Magazine

When you feel good in an environment, the positive association makes you want to spend more time there.  Plants help to reduce carbon dioxide levels, reduce airborne dust levels, increase humidity and keep temperatures down. Though you may not immediately feel the change in your environment, keeping a few indoor plants definitely boosts the mood.

Trendy Terrariums


Terrarium via The Future Kept

Terrariums are the perfect way to make a tabletop space interesting and unique!  This easy DIY will definitely be a conversation starter and inspire your friends.  Get creative when selecting your terrarium glassware; there are so many different styles.


Planetarium Terrarium, Anthropologie

Succulents are easy to care for, and come in a variety of shapes and colors.   Mix and match your succulents for an original display!


Hanging Terrariums via Homeedit

Take your terrarium to new heights!  Dangling displays draw the eye upward and are a great way to fill an awkward corner.

The Statement Plant


via Apartment Therapy

Replace an unused lamp or extra side table with a statement plant!  Large leaves give the room a fresh feeling and can make winter seem eons away.


A Fiddle Leaf Fig via The Decor Fix

This beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree perfectly compliments this space.  Read how to keep your Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree alive and happy from The Decor Fix here.

What are your ideas on bringing plants into your decor?  Share your ideas with me on Twitter; tweet at “@camidesigns”!

Trends 2017

Welcome 2017!  2016 was a great year with several really interesting residential and commercial projects that I have been working on.  Look for photos in the upcoming weeks!  Here are some of the trends for 2017 I’m looking forward to exploring.

Let’s delve into 2017’s color trends; are you ready?
Via Apartment Therapy, Benjamin Moore

Trends 2017
Trending in 2017 for me is color!  As an interior designer, I have always loved color and working with color.  Lately I have noticed deeper, moodier colors trending; perhaps it’s the instant comfort-factor they provide.  Deep colors contribute an enveloping factor to a home, which can make your interior feel safe from the current uncertainty of the world.

I love the soothing blue color trend in home decor for 2017; via cafe veyafe

Creating personal spaces for clients which reflect their lifestyle and interest is very important to me.  When cultivating a personal space I don’t really like that “matching sofa, two matching chairs, two matching end tables, two matching lamps and oh, that dreaded ‘pop’ of color” concept.  I feel colors should be fully integrated into a design scheme, whether you are going the all-neutral route or are deciding to make a color statement.  Furniture should be organically mixed up and not have a match-y feel.

I love this fresh, versatile, chic color palette; via Bloglovin

Trends 2017:  Details
Adding artwork you love to an interior makes it your own!  Whether it’s a series of paintings or photographs or a piece of sculpture, pieces such as these make your space more personal.  When initially meeting with a potential client, I ask how the envision their new space and what they would like it to reflect.  Gauging a potential client’s interests and lifestyle aesthetic enables me to craft their ideal space.  Factors such as children, pets, interests in downsizing or enlarging spaces play a role in their design.  I like to know which color palettes my client is partial to, and how long they intend to live in the space we’re designing as well.

This eclectic culmination of beautiful details creates the perfect bohemian space; via harper’s bazaar.

Oliver Bonas

Jewel tones are everywhere this season! I love these bowls via Oliver Bonas

Some of my favorite past interior design projects have involved clients who are willing to take the plunge and explore furniture, colors, lighting and art they would never have thought of.

A little metallic in the morning, perhaps?
Via wordpress


This gallery wall is the perfect accent; via Instagram.

I want to hear what your design vision is!  To refresh, renew or create your home design, call (203) 661-4700 for a consultation or fill out my online contact form here.

Holiday Party Prep

Are you planning to host a festive soiree for the holidays?  A little bit of holiday party prep can go a long way to ensure less stress and more cheer.  Here are a few fabulous and festive recipes, DIYs and design ideas!


via IBTblog



10 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas via The Kitchn

Create the perfect cozy atmosphere to set the mood for your holiday.  The Kitchn’s list 10 Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Christmas features a variety of ways to set the tone.

Appetizers & The Menu


Prosciutto-Wrapped Arugula via The Kitchn (Image credit: Anjali Prasertong)

Planning which appetizers you’re going to serve ahead of time will allow you to focus on the main menu.  Once again The Kitchn comes to the rescue with 20 Fast and Fancy Appetizers for Your Holiday Party.  Plenty of these savory, delectable apps are easy to make; simply bookmark your favorites!


Traditional Home (image credit: Werner Straube)

If this is your first time hosting your own holiday party, or you are looking to mix things up, try Chef Mary Payne Moran of Hail Mary, Food of Grace’s menu for a festive feast.

Cocktail Hour


via stylecaster


Bon Appetit (Michael Graydon & Nikole Herriott)

Now is the time to adorn your barcart with your best crystal for cocktail hour.   This year I definitely want to try Bon Appetit’s Under-the-Mistletoe Punch, which can be made ahead of time!  This Cranberry Ginger Fizz Cocktail is also a tasty option to serve.

The Centerpiece


via Pinterest


via Pinterest


via Pinterest

Create a notable tablescape with fresh flowers!  An original, hand-assembled bouquet adds a personal touch and is a wonderful conversation piece.


via Traditional Home

Black and White Kitchen Design

Who says monochromatic has to be monotone?  There are so many ways to interpret black and white kitchen design for your home; share your favorite interior with me by tagging “@camidesigns” on Instagram!


via New England Home

To Tile or Not to Tile


via elledecor

Giving your kitchen a much needed renovation?  Black and white tile is a versatile option for your kitchen flooring, and suits all interior styles from classic to contemporary!


via minimalisti

I also love opting for a unique and visually-appealing backsplash for added drama.

The Kitchen Island




via Stay at Home Mum

Kitchen islands are where food is prepped, and coffee and conversation combine.  Selecting family-friendly details for your black and white kitchen design is simple; personally I opt for a white stone countertop and black chairs for a chic, no-stress space.

Details, Details, Details



Once you have your flooring, walls and furniture selected, it’s all about the details.  The versatility of a black and white kitchen design really shines when you open your mind to the amount of possibilities.  Add bold red details for a dash of color one season, let fresh flowers and copper cookware take center stage the next season, and so on!  If you are looking for a significant change, swapping out light fixtures change the tone of a room completely.



Discover more design ideas on my Pinterest board here.

All About Ikat

Ikat is everywhere!  From your favorite high-end boutiques to your local Target, it seems the design world is loving this pattern.  Here are some of my favorite patterned picks!


All About Ikat


Navy Ikat with light blue, gray, cream by Stout Swelter Swel-1 Fabric via Fabric Living.

This design can be found across the globe, throughout designs from a multitude of cultures including Pre-Colombian Peru, 10th century Yemen, Japan, Indonesia and more!  There are countless variations as well as various ways to create this unique pattern.

Wall Design


via etsy

This fabric wallpaper adds a refined touch to this laid back bedroom.  Subtle enough to coordinate fabrics with, yet extrordinary enough to use as a focal point, this is a smart design move.  I love that this wallpaper is actually a self-adhesive vinyl decal, making it completely removable when you’re ready for a change.

Staircase Details:  The Stair Runner


via Rite Rug Flooring

Give your stairs a finished look with a staircase runner; I love this off-white and black ikat design.  If you are skiddish about adding patterns to your contemporary interior, try the trend out with neutrals first.

Dinnerware Details


via Traditional Home


via west elm

We’re skipping right over an ikat table runner or tablecloth and heading straight for the dinnerware!  If you are a fan of hosting like I am, it’s just as exciting to welcome your guests as it is to prepare a beautiful setting for them.

Browse my “IKAT Love” Pinterest board and re-pin your favorites here.